Lufthansa A380: Announcement Campaign*

12 06 2010

It’s been some time since I’ve posted on my blog. Over the course of the last weeks I thought it would be nice to get back in to the habit.

In a time that everybody writes about funky web 2.0 campaigns and all of the new channels it is sometimes the “simple” things that are  worth mentioning, e.g. a good print ad combined with a simple web portal and good content.

A good example is the announcement campaign that Lufthansa did for the addition of the Airbus A380 to their fleet in mid May 2010.

The introduction of this new member of the Lufthansa fleet was ochestrated with a number of activities. It included the above print ad, that I personally like a lot, and a multilanguage web portal that gives users a deeper insight on the development, technical details and amenities of the A380.

Web: Lufthansa A380 Web Portal

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City of Helsinki: The interactive Wall*

29 07 2007

A few days back I had posted an article on the Adobe CS3 OOH Interactive Billboard. Now I found this piece of interactive information tool. The city of Helsinki offer’s an interactive screen “The Wall” that visitors can use to find out more about the city and even send their friends pictures.

It’s an interactive touch screen that let’s you move the on screen elements to any position at your demand.

Pretty cool! Kind of reminds me of “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise ;o)


Expedia UK: Let yourself go*

3 07 2007


For the longest day of the year, the 21st of June, Expedia UK launched a guerilla-art event together with the National Gallery themed: The Blue Sky Day. The event had 200 artists in London paint canvases on Trafalgar Square whilst over 60 artists created their pictures in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. Across the country from Liverpool to Blackpool, people took part in the day by painting on their own blue sky canvas.

From the 28th June – 15th July a selection of the paintings created in London will hang in The Space at the National Gallery in an exhibition of photography and footage from the day. 22 paintings from Edinburgh will hang in the Talbot Rice Gallery from the 22nd June.

Kind of similar to the “green” day at Trafalgar Square. It’s a great way public activation!


(Source City Guide*

26 06 2007

You might wonder why I am placing another Travel tagged entry today.
Might be because I am looking for a good place for a week of holidays ;o)


Here is a great online guide to the major global metropolitan cities.

Superfuture was created in 1999. It basically consists of personal reviews of the best clubs, art exhibitions, shops, etc., … around with specialized maps. The designer intially created it for friends and business partners coming in to Tokyo to visit him. Now it’s evolved into a great guide for a lot of the world’s greatest metropolitans.
It’s worth taking a look!


Luxe: Travel Guides*

25 06 2007


Here is an interesting series of travel guides that I found on They are called “Luxe“. Haven’t quite found out wether the content is good, but from what I understand they are written by people who live in the respective city and the offer regular online updates to the published version.

The core content is “cool” places for food, shopping, arts and hanging out.

Sounds really promising!