Vodafone: Secondlife & InsideOut*

25 11 2007


It’s been pretty quite over the last few months with regards to SecondLife.

But beginning November, Vodafone have launched the Beta version of “InsideOut“. Inside Out is targeted at connecting the real world with the virtual world of SecondLife.

firefoxschnappschuss004.jpg From what I understand, InsideOut offers a virtual mobile handset (DUH)
for your Avatar that is connected to your real life mobile phone and vice versa.
With that it enables the consumer to place calls and send messages to other
SecondLife users in and outside the virtual space.

Due to a totally seperate “SecondLife phone number” your real life phone number is kept secret to ensure privacy.

Vodafone has created a specific set of tariff plan. Until the end of the beta test, (approx. November 30th) the DUH is available for free.

This is definitly a project to watch, for it explores breaking up the boundaries between the real and virtual space in a substantial kind of way…

Visit: secondlife.vodafone.com

(Source: Spiegel.de)

HP: Personal Again – “Hands” campaign*

1 10 2007


Most of you will be familiar with this campaign. Still I wanted to post it for I think it is a really cool creative concept.

For the launch of their newest line up of personal computers Hewlett Packard rolled out a camapign themed “The computer is personal again”. The key creative element of the campaign is showing the hands of different VIP users as they unfold all of the personal things that they do with their PC. Among the testimonials are Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Mark Cuban and Paulo Cohelo.

In 2006 the campaign started with featuring the following testimonials



Shaun White



Mark Cuban

Mark Burnett


In 2007 each testimonial was supported by is or her own minisite tied to the campaign (click the names)

Vera Wang


Paulo Cohelo

Petra Nemcova


The latest testimonial is Serena Williams, focusing on the launch of the new HP Slime line PCs.

When HP launched this latest addition to the campaign they also initiated a great out of home stunt at NYC’s time square.


HP also came up with some pretty cool co-promotion stunts such as the sponsorship of the 2007 release of “Shrek , The Third“. In this case Princess Fiona was featured as a testimonial in the campaign.

Another important part of the campaign is showing real life small scale business testimonials. This part of the campaign was launched with a great “2007 Super Bowl” ad featuring the guys from “Orange County Choppers“.

Making of:

Finally here is two interesting making of clips that explain a bit of the magic.


Shaun White – Making of




After having seen all of this I hope you agree that this is a truly cool campaign!


Visit: hp.com/personalagain


Chevrolet: Young? Creative? Chevrolet!*

20 04 2007


Chevrolet Europe today announced a Europe wide competition themed: “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” . The contest is aimed at students in applied arts and will be rolled out in eight European countries.

“Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” will cover five disciplines: photography, video, visual arts, interior design and fashion. Participants need to be under 30 years old and a student in an applied arst school endorsing the contest. Both individual and group projects can be submitted.

Visit: http://www.youngcreativechevrolet.eu/

(Source: Chevrolet Europe)

Reebok: Run Easy*

16 04 2007


With it’s new “Run Easy” campaign Reebok is re-positioning itself as a running
brand after adidas taking over the official appareal sponsorship of the NBA.

The 360* campaign focuses on the Running experience and the
“No Pain, No Gain!” principal. Some of the executions clearly challenge
the Nike Running and specifically Nike + campaigns out there.

Here is the official Press Release from Reebok:



Groundbreaking Campaign Debuts in April Featuring Celebrities
around the World Demonstrating the Ease of
“Running at the Speed of Chat”

Canton, MA (April 4, 2007)  – Running… what’s gone wrong?  Over the years, running has been associated with a “no pain, no gain” theory.  According to a recent survey orchestrated by GfK Custom Research, a staggering 87% of Americans have been put off by the sport of running for a variety of reasons including the fear that they need to be competitive in order to participate*.  In opposition to this philosophy, Reebok asks consumers, “What are you just doing?” in its innovative global movement “Run Easy.” The multi-faceted movement kicks off this week.  Featuring celebrities from around the world showing how they “Run Easy,” including basketball legend Allen Iverson, soccer standout Thierry Henry, track and field stars Carolina Kluft and Aries Merritt, football icons Vince Young, Chad Johnson and DeAngelo Hall, tennis phenom Nicole Vaidisova, acclaimed actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, cricket stars Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni and street skateboarder Stevie Williams, the campaign drives home the message that running should be about enjoying the ride.“It’s about time to make a bold stance and bring the fun back into running and invite consumers of all levels of athletic ability to participate,” said Uli Becker, Reebok chief marketing officer.  “Through our ‘Run Easy’ movement, Reebok is defying the way competitor brands position running as a ‘push-the-limits’ ideal.”Running is a sport with the greatest opportunity for growth, as the largest global category in the footwear industry at roughly nine billion dollars.  The concept of “Run Easy” was created to provide today’s consumers with a much-needed alternative to hitting the proverbial wall while running. According to the GfK Custom Research study, 75% of Americans polled associate feeling some form of pain, discomfort or injury with running.“Meeting up with friends to run easy and chat together the whole way makes running something I look forward to doing,” said Nicole Vaidisova, the youngest tennis player currently ranked in the top ten. “When you run easy, running becomes a more relaxing and enjoyable activity,” echoed Carolina Kluft, the number one ranked female heptathlete in the world.“Why hit that wall if it hurts? Just run easy,” said basketball legend Allen Iverson.  “When I run easy it gives me a chance to take in the sights around me, which makes running a lot more fun,” noted football icon DeAngelo Hall.

The Campaign 

Reebok’s “Run Easy” movement kicks off with an aggressive media campaign on April 2nd featuring advertising created by New York agency, mcgarry bowen.  Television spots, directed by acclaimed award-winning director, Frank Budgen, will begin airing on TV on April 30th.

Press & Out of Home

what-are-you-just-doing_single.jpgThe first phase of the “Run Easy” movement will feature several attention grabbing Out of Home executions including edgy messages such as  “Run + Puke + Run = Crazy” and
“Why Hit the Wall? It Hurts” as well as digital advertising on high profile websites worldwide. 


 The Out of Home executions will be located in high-traffic areas in key global
cities.  Simultaneously, eye level media will also be used to spread the Run Easy philosophy and encourage consumers to use text messaging or SMS to join the movement. 

TV Advertising 

Following the Out of Home executions will be the first “Run Easy” television spot starring Reebok’s talented roster of global athletes. Reebok’s Run Easy television spot celebrates the joy of social running “at the speed of chat.” Each celebrity depicted in the campaign participates in a non-linear conversation seamlessly intertwined to create one fun story.  Demonstrating that consumers can “Run Easy” anywhere around the world, the campaign was shot on beaches, city streets and parks in some of the
world’s top cities including London and Los Angeles

30 sec TV Ad

1:30 sec Making Of


Bringing the “Run Easy” movement to the masses in a meaningful way that especially resonates with young consumers, Reebok created the website GoRunEasy.com.  Co-developed by Watertown agency Molecular and Carat Fusion in Boston, GoRunEasy.com launches on April 2nd and is the most comprehensive website Reebok has ever created. 

Featuring a first-of-its-kind “mashup” between Reebok, Google maps and Flickr, GoRunEasy.com allows the consumer to map out and share their favorite running routes and also post scenery snapshots of the coolest sights to take in while on the run.  In addition, GoRunEasy.com features a community where consumers can upload music playlists, join discussion groups with other runners and watch some of today’s hottest celebrities demonstrating the art of “running at the speed of chat.”


To further bring the “Run Easy” movement to life, Reebok will sponsor new running events that celebrate the joy and fun of running such as “Bay to Breakers 12K” in San Francisco, CA on May 20th, and the “Peachtree 10K Road Race” in Atlanta, GA on July 4th. 

Visit: http://www.goruneasy.com

Source: Contagious & Reebok