X-Games 13: Skate “Big Air” Competition*

5 08 2007

Today is the last day of the X-Games 13th edition. And with all of the competitions still running today, X-Games 13 already had one of it’s most dramatic competition: The Skate “Big Air”, which led to one of the most viewed Youtube videos this week, the crash of the number one seated Jake Brown:

…luckly Jake was o.k. and came in second…but did anybody see the winning skater ??

Here he is with a “WICKED” performance by Bob Burnquist


Amazing that Burnquist was able to go through with this after seeing Brown fall.

Congratulations Bob! Get well Jake!

See More on: expn.com

CVV: Preventing Suicides*

5 08 2007


Here is a great social guerilla OOH campaign that I found on adgoodness.com, for the Sao Paulo based CVV – Centro de Valorização da Vida. The CVV is a social organisation dedicated to help people to help themselves to prevent suicide.




(Source: adgoodness.com)

Nokia N95: Jealouscomputers.com*

5 08 2007


Here is a great campaign extension for the Nokia N95 campaign. Nokia have launched a spoof website called jealouscomputers.com. It captures all of the incidents were PC’s have attacked their users for they are jealous of the Nokia N95 smartphone.


The site feat. clips, prints ads,… .

Visit: www.jealouscomputers.com

(Source: adgoodness.com)

WWF: Rain Forest – Tarzan Print Ad*

5 08 2007


Here is a great WWF print ad focusing on the continuing destruction of the rain forest.

“15km of rain forest disappears every minute”

(Source: adgoodness.com)