Lufthansa A380: Announcement Campaign*

12 06 2010

It’s been some time since I’ve posted on my blog. Over the course of the last weeks I thought it would be nice to get back in to the habit.

In a time that everybody writes about funky web 2.0 campaigns and all of the new channels it is sometimes the “simple” things that are  worth mentioning, e.g. a good print ad combined with a simple web portal and good content.

A good example is the announcement campaign that Lufthansa did for the addition of the Airbus A380 to their fleet in mid May 2010.

The introduction of this new member of the Lufthansa fleet was ochestrated with a number of activities. It included the above print ad, that I personally like a lot, and a multilanguage web portal that gives users a deeper insight on the development, technical details and amenities of the A380.

Web: Lufthansa A380 Web Portal

There is a wide and really interesting selection of videos that covers the different development stages and the first flights of the A380…including last weeks trip to South Africa with the German National Soccer Team and Shakira to take them to the Soccer World Cup.

Video: Lufthansa A380 – German National Soccer Team – Duration: 03:01 min

Obviously this introduction could not do without Web 2.0 components ;o) For one it was covered via Lufthansa’s Twitter feed


In addition the arrival of the A380 in Frankfurt was covered in a live web stream special on Lufthansa’s Facebook Fan page.


Obviously one could argue that Lufthansa could have been slightly more innovative when it comes to the campaign roll out and the tools. At the end of the day I kind of like the rather solid approach. I don’t know the numbers on the campaign, but looking at the video content they could have done a better job at seeding it to tech blogs, the big media portals and enthusiasts, as the stories are really interesting.

There was a nice piece on German but I did not find a lot more.

Now the next step is to actually book a flight  on the A380 ;o)

Check out:



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