ocean of knowledge*

“one’s knowledge is only a handful of sand, there is still a ocean of knowledge to learn“ (tamil proverb)*

ocean of knowledge features a selection of marketing & sales campaigns from all industries* it’s a compilation of all of the stuff that my friends and myself find and think we should share*

enjoy* be inspired and remember there is an ocean of knowledge out there*


4 responses

19 04 2007
jan debeus

Great stuff here!!!

Regards, from the netherlands.

10 03 2008
Director Kobayashi

Have a look at this… probably is a new Sony Bravia teaser…

24 09 2008

Is the string image of the Audi computor generated?

10 05 2011

Interesting how all the “new ideas” (i.e. the McDonalds spots) fall back on what’s been successful in the past. Does this signify faith in ‘what has previously worked’ or lack of imagination & fresh ideas? Maybe a combination of both. Mixing a little of the old while still reaching in new directions can assist in hanging on to established customers while still holding appeal for a new generation of consumers. Maybe? Am I totally off my rocker? 🙂 Could be, but sometimes I feel I’m in my twenties all over again. 80’s music in commercials, 80’s bands still touring successfully and even some of the fashions are returning. I’m having flashbacks everywhere else, so why not via commercials as well. 🙂

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