Weezer: Youtube Stars in “Porks & Beans”*

27 05 2008

Here is a pretty cool video. It’s Weezer’s first single of their new album “Self-Titled” which is due to hit records stores and you favorite digital music provider on June 3. The single is called Porks & Beans and the vieo features all of the big Youtube heroes of the last months, weeks and even years.

Enjoy, I am sure you’ll recognize on or the other…!

Video: Weezer “Porks & Beans” 3:00 min

Visit: Weezer.com

Coldplay: Violet Hill Video & Viral*

21 05 2008


Finally Coldplay have premiered their first video/single of the new album VIVA, which is to be released in June. The song is called Violet Hill and Coldplay have launched both the music video as well as a viral, that mocks major politicians for the release of the single.

Pretty cool!

Video: Coldplay “Violet Hill” – 3:41 min

Video: Coldplay “Violet Hill Viral” – 3:41 min

Check out: Coldplay.com

Nikefootball: Take it to the next level*

18 05 2008

Here is two clips from Nike’s pre “EURO 2008” soccer campaign themed: “Take it to the next level”.

The first one is the new Nikefootball tv ad directed by Guy Ritchie and feat. some of Europe’s most

famous soccer players. The clip shows the rise of a young player through several games competiting against Europe’s best. The whole clip is shot from the subjective view of the player…

Video: Nike “Take it to the next level – 1:57 min

Kind of reminds me of one of my favourite music videos by “The ProdigySmack my bitch up” (carefull explicit content).

The ad leads you to Nike’s latest football portal on the web.

On of the highlights is the promotion for Cesc Fàbregas new Sky Sports Live Show.

As a kick-off teaser Fàbregas handels a burning football (pretty cool!)

Video: Nike – “Fàbregas Staying Cool” – 1:33 min

Check out: nikefootball.com

(Source: adverblog.com)

NBA Amazing: There can only be one campaign*

13 05 2008

As an extension to their NBA Amazing campaigns (Season/Playoffs) the NBA have now launched a full

fledged NBA 2008 Playoffs campaign themed “There can only be one!”. The ads use split screen as a basis and combines the faces of the respective signature players that are or will be competing against each other in the different heats of the playoffs.

Here is a few examples, I specifically like the “Hamilton/Iguodala”and the “Howard/Paul” ones.  

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Bryant/Boozer -0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – LeBron/Garnett-0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Hamilton/Iguodala-0:32 min

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Howard/Paul -0:32 min

In addition here is a clip that gives you a bit of behind the scenes…

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Making of – 01:42 min

Finally I’ve tried to pull all of them together in a You Tube Playlist that you can find here. Dunno if I got each and everyone ;o)

Pretty cool!

Visit: nba.com

May 10th: Pangea Day – Global Film Event*

10 05 2008

TED & documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim have initiated Pangea Day, a global event bringing together the world through films. Noujaim, won the TED 2006 prize and Pangea Day was her wish or the prize.

Video: Jehane Noujaim @ TED 2006 – 26:00 min

This is a really cool project that tries to make people aware of the fact that even though there is a lot things that make us different at the same time there are many things that we have in common…including only this one planet. This expressed thorugh the common love of films around the globe.

Today, on May 10, 2008 Pangea Day will run in several countries around the globe broadcasting an array of films, music performances (incl. Dave Stewart, Bob Geldorf, ….), speeches and moreSpecial Events will take place in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro.

People are encouraged to host official and local gatherings to join in on this event.

To promote the event idea the organizers have asked several socially active VIP’s to tape small promo clips.

Video: Pangea Day – Global Storytellers – 01:01 min

Here is a really cool one from Robin Williams:

Video: Pangea Day – Robin Williams – 01:47 min

The list of films that will be shown is really interesting. Here is one of them, produced by the agency Razorfish that picks up the topic of global warming by making us aware of the global exticinction of “Wild Snowmen”

Video: Wild Snowman – 01:00 min

Sponsor Nokia has launched a special promotion on their OVI sharing platform which encouraged people to produce their own little “mobiel” clips for pangea day. Check out the winners!

Video: Nokia Pangea Day Promo – 02:00 min

Learn more about Pangea Day on: pangeaday.org