Renault Germany: “Crash-Ballet” TV Ad*

30 10 2007

Here is an amazing car ad from Renault Germany. Great execution and slam-bang on their “Saftey” positioning.

The Caption:

“The safest ensemble in the world. 8 models with a 5 star Euro NCAP rating.”

Here is the Making-of:

Hats of to the creative- and production-team that brought this ad to live one of the best car ads that I have seen over the last few months.



Randy Pausch: Last Lecture*

6 10 2007

You might have already heard or seen this one. Randy Pausch, professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), gave his traditional “last lecture” a concept when professors are asked which tips they would give to students if this truly was their last lecture.

In his case it might truly be his last lecture for he was diagnosed with cancer. So in September 18th, this year he got up infront of a packed room of students and fellow professors to hold a really warm, funny and emotional lecture on “Really achieving your childhood dreams!”.

Initially this speech was meant for his family only. I am happy that he decided to share it with a bigger community. This is 1 1/2 hours that you should definitly watch!

Hope that Pausch get’s to spend as much time with his family as possible!

Sony Bravia: New “Play-Doh” TV Ad*

6 10 2007


Two Days back SONY and Fallon have released their latest Bravia TV ad. Following “Bouncy Balls” and “Paint” This time they combine “Play-Doh” stop motion with a fast motion technique.

I personally think this is a great “new” interpretation of the “” campaign theme!

As with “Paint (Making Of)” and “Bouncy Balls (Making Of)” few days earlier they had released a teaser “Making of…”.

Finally the website was re-designed now featuring a lot of content around the new TV ad, a Bravia Interactive Experience as well as a Downloads/behind the scenes section.



Opel: Flextreme E-Flex Studio Stories – Episode 4*

3 10 2007

Here is the final of the four Opel Flextreme Studio Stories focusing on the reveal of the car @ Frankfurt Motorshow 2007.


Erbert & Gerbert’s: Human*

3 10 2007


US based sandwich chain “Erbert & Gerbert’s” have come up with a great TV and online campaign to promote their stores. The creative centerpiece is a human flipbook. By using over 150 T-Shirts and applying the stop-motion-animation technic
they have created the following pretty cool TV ad:

…and here is how they’ve made it happen….

Nice little “analog” campaign!



BMW & Citroën: Automobile Brand Centers*

3 10 2007


Here is two impressive examples of automobile brand centers from BMW and Citroën.


BMW have just released the first pictures of their BMW Welt Brand Center, which will be opened for the public on October 23rd. The center features different sections from “Pick up your BMW” to a “Technology and Design Atelier” and a “Junior Center”.

p0039024.jpg p0039034.jpg

p0039030.jpg p0039029.jpg

The architecture looks pretty impressive and you should defintely have a look at the website , which also features a section that shows visuals of the planning and building process. The architect in charge is Coop Himmelb(l)au.



In 1927 Citroën bought a showroom at No. 42 Avenue Champs-Élysées in Paris. Since then it’s been in use to display Citroëns products in many different ways. Three years ago they’ve then startet construction of their new Brand Center “C42“.


The purpose of the show room is to showcase Citroën at the heart of Parisian and French culture. I have not been there yet but from what I read and what I can see this is a highly impressive piece of architecture.

042252076sq.jpg 042252111.jpg

042252113.jpg 042252104.jpg

The showroom is equipped with eight rotating turntables that rise up vertically through the the building, displaying different models. In addition there is a panoramic elevator that offers a great view of some of Paris’ key landmarks like the Tour Eiffel.


Visit: &


HP: Personal Again – “Hands” campaign*

1 10 2007


Most of you will be familiar with this campaign. Still I wanted to post it for I think it is a really cool creative concept.

For the launch of their newest line up of personal computers Hewlett Packard rolled out a camapign themed “The computer is personal again”. The key creative element of the campaign is showing the hands of different VIP users as they unfold all of the personal things that they do with their PC. Among the testimonials are Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Mark Cuban and Paulo Cohelo.

In 2006 the campaign started with featuring the following testimonials



Shaun White



Mark Cuban

Mark Burnett


In 2007 each testimonial was supported by is or her own minisite tied to the campaign (click the names)

Vera Wang


Paulo Cohelo

Petra Nemcova


The latest testimonial is Serena Williams, focusing on the launch of the new HP Slime line PCs.

When HP launched this latest addition to the campaign they also initiated a great out of home stunt at NYC’s time square.


HP also came up with some pretty cool co-promotion stunts such as the sponsorship of the 2007 release of “Shrek , The Third“. In this case Princess Fiona was featured as a testimonial in the campaign.

Another important part of the campaign is showing real life small scale business testimonials. This part of the campaign was launched with a great “2007 Super Bowl” ad featuring the guys from “Orange County Choppers“.

Making of:

Finally here is two interesting making of clips that explain a bit of the magic.


Shaun White – Making of




After having seen all of this I hope you agree that this is a truly cool campaign!