Melbourne: 3-D Parking Garage*

4 08 2008

Here is an award-winning parking lot (never heard about that before).

The artist that designed it gave the indicator signage a 3D brush up…looks a bit spooky but it seems to work.


Burger King US: P. Diddy “BK is open late” TV ad*

4 08 2008

P. Diddy keepin’ it real with the Whopper ;o)

Burger King announced that they will have more and more restaurants across the country that will stay open after midnight.

Here is the latest Burger King US TV ads for the “BK is open late ” promotion featuring P. Diddy produced by Crispin + Potter, Bogusky.

Video: P. Diddy & Burger King “BK is open late” – 0:30 min

Any questions ;o) ???

Check out:


NYC: Robert De Niro & Billy Crystal Thanksgiving Ad*

1 08 2008

Here is a 2001 ad that I really like and just remembered…. Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal promoting the city of New York. Check out the dialogue and the costumes ;o)

Video: Robert De Niro & Billy Crystal – “Thanksgiving in NYC”  1:00 min