nba: “Amazing” campaign part II*

31 03 2008


The NBA have extend their “amazing” campaign by a number of new TV ads, featuring individual players and promoting the Eastern and Western Conference Playoffs.

NBA Amazing – “Dirk” 0:34 min

NBA Amazing – “Dwight” 0:31 min


Here is one of my personal favorites, the TV ad for Steve Nash….

NBA Amazing – “Where arrived happens” 1:00 min

And finally the two ads to promote the Eastern and Western Conference playoffs…

NBA Amazing – “Eastern Conference” 0:31 min

NBA Amazing – “Western Conference” 0:31 min





Magnolia Pictures: Surfwise*

19 03 2008


Now here is a film to look forward too. Surfwise is a documentary about Surfer Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz by director Doug Pray.
The film premiered at the 2007 Toronto International film Festival and is due to be released in May 2008.

Here is the content summary from the Apple trailer website:

“Like many American outsider-adventurers, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz set out to realize a utopian dream. Abandoning a successful medical practice, he sought self-fulfillment by taking up the nomadic life of a surfer. But unlike other American searchers like Thoreau or Kerouac, Paskowitz took his wife and nine children along for the ride, all eleven of them living in a 24 foot camper. Together, they lived a life that would be unfathomable to most, but enviable to anyone who ever relinquished their dreams to a straight job. The Paskowitz Family proved that America may be running out of frontiers, but it hasn’t run out of frontiersman. “

Here is the trailer:

Surfwise – Trailer 2:08 min


Really looking forward to this one!



Fenchurch: Streetwear Campaign*

11 03 2008


Found this on A really nicely photographed and posted ad campaign for Fenchurch’s line of streetwear clothing.




Adidas: New Originals Campaign*

10 03 2008


adidas have launched a new set of online, print and tv related campaign elements for their 2008 collection of ORIGINALS clothing. Things kicked off with a fully “animated” ad by 180 Amsterdam featuring Adi Dassler the founder of adidas (see below).

Here is the official release:

adidas is launching its first global campaign for Adidas Originals lifestyle brand. Developed by 180, the campaign rallies round a series of web videos of people from art, music and athletics.The first effort, which launches this week, spotlights Adidas’ founder, Adi Dassler, in his workshop in Germany. This is also the first time in the company’s 60-year history that its founder has been brought to the fore in adidas advertising.

The campaign is supported by print, TV, in-cinema and web ads leading consumers to the microsite within Pierre Wendling, 180’s digital director, explains that the agency didn’t employ digital animation to resurrect Dassler. Rather, Wendling and his team recreated Dassler’s office in miniature, down to scale model versions of his desk, furniture, tools, and accessories, with ambient street sounds, and radio playing songs of the day in the background.

The originals tend to have a retro feel. The logo is not the three-stripe symbol for adidas Performance, but the adidas trefoil logo introduced in 1971.
He adds that the first of five films won’t be product-focused, while the rest will, each touting the new Originals apparel line.One of the forthcoming films in the series, “Sounds of the City,” will tout a range of Adidas Originals product while highlighting reggae from Jamaica; the Motown sound; Memphis, and New Orleans.Each film ends with the Adidas trefoil transforming into a video sphere on which films about the featured artists and athletes are arrayed, with the “Celebrate Originality” theme

Here are some of the campaign elements…

1. Adi Dassler

adidas Originals – Adi Dassler – 2:45 min


2. Sounds of the City

adidas Originals – Sounds of the City_Detroit – 3:09 min

I really like this ad..been looking for it for quite some time after I’ve seen it in the cinema…!

3. adidas Originals “Games”

Finally this ad I found today…dunno how it fits in but I think it is really cool!

adidas Originals – Games – 2:05 min


All in all, a really cool campaign and I am looking forward to more extensions!



Pulp Fiction: Typography Video*

8 03 2008

Some of you might already know this one, Roger a friend of mine send it to me and I felt it would be cool to post it.

Videodesigner Jarret Moody took a memorable sequence from everyone’s favorite

movie Pulp Fiction and turned it into a typography clip…really cool!

Pulp Fiction – Typography 0:57 min

…and here is a few more movie typography adaptations not by Jarret but stil worth seeing.

Devil’s Advocate – Typography 1:00 min

Ocean’s Eleven – Typography 1:06 min

Full Metal Jacket – Typography 0:42 min