Volvo: The Hunt*

27 04 2007


Volvo has set up a new online hunt coinciding with the third Pirates of the Caribbean film ‘At World’s End’ which is due to be releasedin the US  on May 25th.

Details have yet to be revealed, but the automaker has set up a blog, calling for all to keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming campaign and to create a bit of pre-release buzz. The blog so far contains a short teaser video and a brief introduction written in full-on pirate talk to get visitors fired up for the next hunt.

Volvo’s first clue has already been posted up on Disney’s ‘At World’s End’ homepage with more soon to follow.

Visit: &



adidas: End to End Project*

27 04 2007


adidas Originals and Foot Locker gathered some of the best graffiti artists
in the world to work together on a totally original concept – a unique collection
of footwear, clothing and accessories that takes their artwork from the
sketchbook to the streets: the End-to-End Project.





Chevrolet: Young? Creative? Chevrolet!*

20 04 2007


Chevrolet Europe today announced a Europe wide competition themed: “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” . The contest is aimed at students in applied arts and will be rolled out in eight European countries.

“Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” will cover five disciplines: photography, video, visual arts, interior design and fashion. Participants need to be under 30 years old and a student in an applied arst school endorsing the contest. Both individual and group projects can be submitted.


(Source: Chevrolet Europe)

Nokia: Beta Labs*

20 04 2007


Nokia have just launched a website were users can test beta versions of new mobile applications called: Nokia Beta Labs

“Nokia is continuously working on new ideas and innovations and improving our current applications and services. Please try them out and give us your feedback on how we can further improve them. Your feedback goes directly to the development teams that are working on the applications.”

Here is a list of the first beta applications hosted on the site



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Zooppa: Advertising goes Social*

20 04 2007


Zooppa invites users to make their own video ads for famous cbrands, and get paid along with the deal. Here is an article that I found on

Zooppa harnesses the trend in consumer-generated ad campaigns that has been increasingly in vogue.

It establishes competitions around partner brands including Havaianas shoes and Osè underwear. In response to a set brief, users upload scripts, storyboards or complete videos and can vote on each other’s contributions. Top prizes are around US$1,500.

As the former audience increasingly acquires the ability to create and distribute its own creative media content, brands like Chevrolet, Doritos and Toyota have tapped consumers’ enthusiasm to generate a kind of marketing campaign that owes much to the earlier efforts of Firefox’s most passionate advocates and is seen by many to have more authenticity than expensively constructed television spots.

Zooppa uses a “Mr Big Zooppa” character to create an irreverant Italian-American personality for the site and is one of the first sites to aim to scoop such efforts into a single platform.

The site’s “chief evangelist” Allison Green last month said: “’s purpose is to create a community of professional and amateur creatives and videomakers that compete in creating the best and the most viral video commercials ever.

“In particular – as everyone will notice after the official launch of – we will concentrate our efforts in a developing system of blog-oriented advertising.

The Flip-Flop Brand “havaianas” just finished a competition and here is a link to the winning clip:




Chevrolet: Beat, Groove & Trax*

19 04 2007


Size Doesn’t Matter: Three Chevrolet Global Minicar
Concepts Pack A Lot Of Personality And Style Per Mile

 Three Chevrolet minicar global concepts designed to appeal to young car buyers in urban markets prove that art needn’t take a back seat just because the canvas is small. Revealed today at the New York Auto Show, the Chevrolet Beat, Chevrolet Groove and Chevrolet Trax concepts drive the energy, diversity and excitement of urban life into cars that deliver good-looking fun, fuel economy and value.

Democracy lovers will even get the chance to pick their favorite by visiting and casting their vote for the Beat, Groove or Trax. The results will help Chevrolet determine U.S. market interest in the minicar segment, and which design/capability package resonates best with potential buyers.

All three concepts were designed at GM’s Design Studio in Inchon, South Korea. One of GM’s 11 Global Design Studios, the designers in the Korean center are experts in small car product development.

Check out Ed Welburn, Head of Design for GM and and Dave Lyon, GM Director of Design for the Asia-Pacific region, do a walkaround the cars @ the New York Auto Show. 



Mattel: – BETA*

19 04 2007


Cyberspace has become the new front line in the battle between Mattel Inc.’s Barbie line
and MGA Entertainment’s Bratz collection.

On Tuesday, Mattel launched a beta test run of, an online community where girls
can create their own Barbie dolls and interact with each other in a manner reminiscent of
Second Life, a virtual world for adults that boasts more than 2 million users.

The Web site is the first glimpse into Mattel’s Barbie Girl initiative, its next-generation
fashion doll line and latest attempt to gain ground in its heated competition with Bratz.

At, users can customize their character’s look and style.
They can also go to the “mall” and shop for clothes, accessories and furniture for their
online room. They can even adopt a pet.

“I think it’ll definitely be a catalyst for winning girls back,” Reyne Rice, a toy trends expert
at the Toy Industry Association said. “They can go on the site and chat with their friends,
compare outfits — rooms. It’s right on target with what girls are looking for.”

Barbie has lost out in recent years to Bratz, a line of big-headed dolls with scant,
trendy clothing and very skinny bodies.

On Monday, Mattel said international Barbie sales rose 2 percent but U.S. sales of the
doll declined 21 percent, breaking a four-quarter streak of U.S. increases.

Mattel said — its older Web site devoted to all things Barbie, which
debuted in 2000 — gets 65 million visitors a month.