US Cellular: Spread the love campaign*

31 07 2008

Here is a number of US Cellular ads that I found on All of the ads were directed by Garth Davis. The brief was focused on demonstrating the many ways that US Cellular influences the lives of their customers.

Video: Spread the Love- US Cellular 1:03 min

Video: Wind Kiss- US Cellular 0:30 min

Video: Free Falling- US Cellular 0:30 min

Video: Shrug- US Cellular 0:30 min

Video: Drum Roll- US Cellular 0:30 min

I really like the creative approach of these ads, not your typical cellular ad.


Honda UK: “Difficult is worth doing”- Skydive TV ad

28 07 2008

Here is the latest of the Honda UK TV ads, that was produced for the Honda Accord.

Video: Difficult is worth doing – Honda UK TV ad – 1:31 min

Building on the theme of “Difficult is worth doing” it follows a group of approx 50 skydivers that form a number of really difficult formations during one single jump.

There is a lot of additional content available in the DIWD2008 User channel on Youtube. Interviews with the Skydivers, small feature clips and a really cool making of…:

Video: Difficult is worth doing – Honda UK Making of – 6:46 min

Check out: DIWD2008 User channel

Converse: Santogold, J. Casablancas, Pharrell “My Drive Thru” Video*

12 07 2008

Now here is a really cool video!!

“My Drive thru” by N.E.R.D., Santogold and Julian Casablancas produces by Pharrell.

Video: “My Drive thru” – 2:30 min

The video is part of the “Connectivity campaign” that Converse have launched as part of their 100 year celebration.

Check out the Website…

Converse Connectivity Website

There is also an Interview that goes along with the video, where the artists explain their connection to Converse.

Video: “Pharrell, Santogold – Converse Interview” – 4:32 min

I really like the “sticker/label” creative theme, that is the red thread on the site and the video!

Check out: Converse Connectivity Website