London Festival of Architecture: Jelly Competition*

5 04 2008

Found this one on the dezeen blog. As part of the 2008 London Festival of Architecture dezeen and Bompas & Parr (self proclaimed Jelly Experts) are asking architects to submit designs that will be made into jellies and exhibited (and eaten) at a special Architectural Jelly Banquet.

Dezeen writes that entries will be judged on innovation, aesthetics and “wobble factor”, with the best jelly moulds auctioned to raise money for Architects for Aid.

Pretty funny competition ;o)

Visit: Bompas & Parr


Fiat 500: Time Capsule in the London Eye*

2 02 2008


As part of their launch campaign in the UK, FIAT UK have placed their award winning (Car of the Year 2008) FIAT 500 in one of the capsules of the London Eye. The car was placed inside the capsule at 8pm on Jan 21st, so 500 hrs. into the year. 

The evening was topped of by a concert of British singer MIKA.

This nicely fits to their overall 500 launch activities and adds another burst to the Fiat 500 story.  



New Fiat 500: Launch Event and TV ad*

28 07 2007


Fiat 500 currently seems to be the number one car in the European automobile community. Here is the Italian tv ad that was launched shortly after the official reveal on July 4th, 2007.

I reckon that for non-Italians it might be a bit difficult to decode but it basically shows places, people and incidents that have moved Italy and happend over the course of the 50 years life span of the Fiat 500 up to the launch of the new car.

The 500 was launched with a really impressive event in Torino. The event must have been amazing (Lauryn Hill performed!). I’ve been searching for some video footage for quite some time and finally found a pretty good clip with a summary:

And for those of you who can not get enough here is a series of Youtube Clips with the full show:

Fiat 500 – 1,  , Fiat 500 – 2, Fiat 500 – 3, Fiat 500 – 4, Fiat 500 – 5, Fiat 500 – 6, Fiat 500 – 7

Finally check out the totally re-launched FIAT UK website, which offers a full fledged 3D experience of the the Fiat range and a nice tease corner for the 500.


I’m pretty sure that this is not the last time that I’ll post something on the Fiat 500.

London 2012: The Logo*

10 06 2007

On June 4th, the London Olympic Comitee has unveiled the “London 2012” Event Logo.

The logo was created by Wolff Olins for a price of 400.000 GBP and is baed around the concept of “Everyone’s Games” representing the four brand pillars of access, participation, stimulation and inspiration using the date 2012.

As one can imagine the reactions are ranging from positive to really negative. Here is a link to BBC-Onlines article on the reveal as well as their “Comments” section, where they asked people to comment on the logo…not all of them positive ;o)

There is a whole petition around changing the logo ASAP as well which gathered almost 50.000 signatures in 2 days:

To make it a bit more tangible to all of us the comittee has posted several small clips on their site to explain the logo. The one I have feat. here is was pulled of the site after one day for it seemed to have caused epileptic fits:

Wether one likes or dislikes the logo, you have to acknowledge the fact that it has caused a lot of media attention…and isn’t it that what it’s all about?


(Sources: & BBC-Online)

London: Open Green Spaces Trafalgar*

27 05 2007


In an effort to promote London’s open green space movement, Cake, on May 24th, turfed the entire surface of London’s Trafalgar Square. Here is pics of the event in the related Facebook page here. And some “before” pictures here.

Here is the timelaps video: