May 10th: Pangea Day – Global Film Event*

10 05 2008

TED & documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim have initiated Pangea Day, a global event bringing together the world through films. Noujaim, won the TED 2006 prize and Pangea Day was her wish or the prize.

Video: Jehane Noujaim @ TED 2006 – 26:00 min

This is a really cool project that tries to make people aware of the fact that even though there is a lot things that make us different at the same time there are many things that we have in common…including only this one planet. This expressed thorugh the common love of films around the globe.

Today, on May 10, 2008 Pangea Day will run in several countries around the globe broadcasting an array of films, music performances (incl. Dave Stewart, Bob Geldorf, ….), speeches and moreSpecial Events will take place in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro.

People are encouraged to host official and local gatherings to join in on this event.

To promote the event idea the organizers have asked several socially active VIP’s to tape small promo clips.

Video: Pangea Day – Global Storytellers – 01:01 min

Here is a really cool one from Robin Williams:

Video: Pangea Day – Robin Williams – 01:47 min

The list of films that will be shown is really interesting. Here is one of them, produced by the agency Razorfish that picks up the topic of global warming by making us aware of the global exticinction of “Wild Snowmen”

Video: Wild Snowman – 01:00 min

Sponsor Nokia has launched a special promotion on their OVI sharing platform which encouraged people to produce their own little “mobiel” clips for pangea day. Check out the winners!

Video: Nokia Pangea Day Promo – 02:00 min

Learn more about Pangea Day on:

CVV: Preventing Suicides*

5 08 2007


Here is a great social guerilla OOH campaign that I found on, for the Sao Paulo based CVV – Centro de Valorização da Vida. The CVV is a social organisation dedicated to help people to help themselves to prevent suicide.





WWF: Rain Forest – Tarzan Print Ad*

5 08 2007


Here is a great WWF print ad focusing on the continuing destruction of the rain forest.

“15km of rain forest disappears every minute”


NZ: Road Saftey*

10 07 2007


Found this on Contagious. A out-of-home campaign for road safety in New Zealand themed “Life flashing by, right before your eyes!”.

To create the effect of the images flashing the boards were placed close enough from each other, so that when a car was traveling past them at 100km/h it would unfold, with the final billboards spaced further apart to reveal the road safety message.

Simple but great execution!

(Source:  Contagious & Ads of the world)

MTV: Switch*

4 07 2007


Just saw this on MTV last weekend and found this article on Contagious.

MTV has launched “MTV Switch”, MTV’s online “green program”. To kick things of they teamed up with some of the biggest ad agencies in the business (LOWE, Y&R, Cake, 180 Amsterdam and some major music celebrities and created a total of 35 clips for omone, tv and mobile distribution, all of them embracing eco topics.

 MTV Switch – “Starve” Y&R 

Apart from the OnAir campaign the program is supported online with the website that features all of the above mentioned clips and VIP Statements.