City of Helsinki: The interactive Wall*

29 07 2007

A few days back I had posted an article on the Adobe CS3 OOH Interactive Billboard. Now I found this piece of interactive information tool. The city of Helsinki offer’s an interactive screen “The Wall” that visitors can use to find out more about the city and even send their friends pictures.

It’s an interactive touch screen that let’s you move the on screen elements to any position at your demand.

Pretty cool! Kind of reminds me of “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise ;o)


New Fiat 500: Launch Event and TV ad*

28 07 2007


Fiat 500 currently seems to be the number one car in the European automobile community. Here is the Italian tv ad that was launched shortly after the official reveal on July 4th, 2007.

I reckon that for non-Italians it might be a bit difficult to decode but it basically shows places, people and incidents that have moved Italy and happend over the course of the 50 years life span of the Fiat 500 up to the launch of the new car.

The 500 was launched with a really impressive event in Torino. The event must have been amazing (Lauryn Hill performed!). I’ve been searching for some video footage for quite some time and finally found a pretty good clip with a summary:

And for those of you who can not get enough here is a series of Youtube Clips with the full show:

Fiat 500 – 1,  , Fiat 500 – 2, Fiat 500 – 3, Fiat 500 – 4, Fiat 500 – 5, Fiat 500 – 6, Fiat 500 – 7

Finally check out the totally re-launched FIAT UK website, which offers a full fledged 3D experience of the the Fiat range and a nice tease corner for the 500.


I’m pretty sure that this is not the last time that I’ll post something on the Fiat 500. Save Energy while you Search*

28 07 2007


Energy Conservation is one o the key discussions at the moment. Here is a great way of saving energy while you search the web: Blackle encourages surfers to use their site instead of for, as they claim, blackscreen page helps save more energy than the white Google screen.


Dunno wether it’s true, but the idea is great!!


Mercedes Benz:New Alonso & Hamilton C-Class TV Ad*

22 07 2007


A few months back I had posted the outline of the Launch campaign for the new Mercedes Benz C-Class.

While watching today’s Formula 1 Race I saw the following new C-Class ad on TV. It plays on the competitive spirit between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and that is part of every race driver “Racing is a state of mind”.

Here is the ad + the “Making of”

Really nice ad, I really like the choice of music! “.com” Guerilla Promtion*

22 07 2007

Found this one on

It’s a guerilla promotion for the Indian based – domain registration service.

Not unique but really cool execution!