WWF: Rain Forest – Tarzan Print Ad*

5 08 2007


Here is a great WWF print ad focusing on the continuing destruction of the rain forest.

“15km of rain forest disappears every minute”

(Source: adgoodness.com)



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4 04 2008
Oh please

“15km of rain forest disappears every minute”

Don’t believe everything you read. Use common sense. I mean c’mon – 15 km²/ min!
Ok, let’s do some calculations, shall we…

How much that will be in a year?

M’kay, so it is 15 km² * 60(min) * 24(hour) * 365(day) = 7884000 km² of forest disappearing every year. O’RLY?

Let’s suppose that all land area of earth is covered with forest – every single km² is nothing but forest. Ok, we all know that it’s far from thuth (think about big deserts like sahara, or places like antarctica or greenland, so the forest covered are is FAR LESS than total land area of earth) but just to make calculation a bit easier, let’s suppose that earth is forest all over.

Earth’s surface area (land): 148,940,000 km² (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth).

Now the question is: How long it will take(in years) for all forests and trees to disappear?

Well it takes of course (148,940,000 km² / 7884000 km²) years. How much is that then?

Answer : Little less than 19 Years (18.89 years to be precise).
Real number is way less than that , maybe just 11 years (because all is not forest).

Most important question is: So how come we still have any forest at all ????
Answer: We do, because forest does not disappear at that rate (15km²/min)

2 07 2009

dude, you forget to count the forest growth rate.. LOL 😀 😀

19 02 2011
Zeeshan Ali Vighio

Most important question is: So how come we still have any forest at all ……Zeeshan

20 02 2011

You obviously didnt read where or why the ad is even there. the ad referes to BRAZILS RAINFOREST. not every tree is the world.
do your homework more accuractely.
and wikipedia is nottt a reliable souce.

2 04 2011

Thanks for your comment. I was merly posting the ad, as I believe that it is a very good ad to promote the WWF cause to save the rainforest.
I am very aware of the fact that “not every tree is the world”. Not sure why you have an issue with the post. Agree that Wikipedia is not
the most reliable source, but at the same time it it fairly accurate when it comes to people of public intrest like actors or sports stars.
These are the cases where I use it. in most cases I try and refer to a specific company or pesonal URL.

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