Fenchurch: Streetwear Campaign*

11 03 2008


Found this on adgoodness.com. A really nicely photographed and posted ad campaign for Fenchurch’s line of streetwear clothing.


Visit: fenchurch.com

(Source: adgoodness.com)


HBO: The Voyeur Project*

6 01 2008


Here is an interesting cross-media project that HBO ran a few months back. If I understand it correctly it was to promote their on demand services.

The project is called HBO Voyeur. It basically builds on the old Hitchcock classic “Rear View Window“. The viewer is enabled to look behind the windows of a multistory urban building.

Here is a quick description of the project from the project related blog:

“…The HBO Voyeur Project is a collection of multi-media stories that HBO has built around the theme of voyeurism.

See what people do when they think no one is Watching

is the tagline that they have used to describe the experience that starts in the streets of New York City, behind the countless windows that we pass everyday. It comes together in a silent film that will be projected on the side of a building, and extends to the HBO channel, HBO on Demand, and online at HBOVoyeur.com. There are also “artifacts” of the characters everywhere, pieces of story which have been sprinkled around the web and in the real world to heighten the experience for those who like to get involved. However it is experienced in whichever medium, the point of the HBO Voyeur Project is to get the viewer to confront the uncomfortable question: “Do You Like To Watch?” ….”

As per this description one can see that we are truly talking about a cross media promotion concept which in addition to the TV programming  (HBO on Demand, HBO) included:  

Out of Home Tease


Online Promotion (hbovoyeur.com)


Blogging/Tease Activities: (thestorygetsdeeper.com)


Podcasts, Vodcasts, Music and other Media Downloads

Here is an assortment of the different clips, voyeur views and trailers aired during the promotion on the web, HBO and HBO on Demand: HBO Voyeur – Youtube – Quicklist

I don’t exactly know how well this promotion was received in the US, but from what I can see it’s a really interesting cross-media concept, that is different from what you generally see…definitly worth looking at and keeping in mind!

Visit:  hbovoyeur.com

(Source: http://www.joeytomatoes.com/)


Fast Food Promotions: Big ‘n’ Juicy & Whopper Freak Out*

31 12 2007


Here are two really cool campaigns from our favorite fast food joints.

Mc Donalds Sweden: Big ‘n’ Juicy Promotion:

To promote their special “Big ‘n’ Juicy Burger Mc Donalds Sweden came up with a great out of home executions.

A poster frame that actually is a gigantic serviette dispenser


The coinciding print execution is also pretty funny. Similar to the dispenser idea the’ve inserted pages made from the original serviette material into the center spread of major daily newspapers.


(Source: adgoodness.com)

Burger King US: Whopper Freak Out

Burger King US have recently launched the “Whopper Freak Out” campaign. The basic purpose was to re-iterate the positioning of the Whopper as the ultimate US burger.

The creative is a pretty funny 30 sec TV ad and a 7 minute webspecial that capture the action in a Las Vegas Burger King restaurant, where customers where filmed while the staff explains to them that from this day on Burger King decided to discontinue the Whopper.

I really like the two guys infron of the store that comment that “Burger King without the Whopper should be called Burger Queen” ;o)

Burger King: “Whopper Freak Out – Webspecial”


Burger King ” Whopper Freak Out – TV Ad”

Check Out: Whopper Freak Out.com

(Source: 7daysawake.com)

hp: “What do you have to say?” – gwen stefani and jake burton*

21 12 2007


A few weeks back I had posted a campaign overview of some of the TV-ads produced for the HP “Personal campaign”.  With the launch of Dreamwork’s “Bee Movie” starrring Jerry Seinfeld. HP have added Seinfeld to the list of VIP Testimonials:

HP – Jerry Seinfeld – “Hands” TV ad

In addition to the TV-ad there is the special minisite which also features a “stand up comedy” promotion tied to stumbleupon.com.


To promote their Home & Office printing individualization products, HP  comissioned singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani and  designer Jake Burton as a testimonials.


The campaign themed: “What do you have to say?” displays the mutliple activities that Stefani and Burton are engaged in.

Similar to “Hands” the campaign introduces a new creative device: “the flying prints/photos/pictures” that seem to represent the many different thing that the testimonials have to say and express through their HP prints. 

The centerpieces are signature TV ads and dedicated websites that feature some individualizations promotional features.

HP – “What do you have to say?” – Gwen Stefani 

HP – “What do you have to say?” – Jake Burton


In addition to the TV ads – HP produced a set of features with Burton all of which are featured on his minisite. Here is an excerpt

 HP- What do you have to say?” – Building a brand – Jake Burton


Similar to Hands the campaign has a “consumer testimonial element” the ads of which you can yee on the coinciding YouTube channel.

Last but not least, here is an interesting interactive Out of Home installation that was done for HP, that plays with the flying visuals mechanism.

HP – Installation


I know that not everybody is in favor of these campaigns, but I truly like them. I like the creative mechanism and way that they have been fitted to the respective VIPs. I am looking forward to the next campaign…

 Visit: HP.com/whatdoyouhavetosay




Warnerbros: Batman “The Dark Knight” Theatrical Trailer*

20 12 2007


Finally we get to see more of the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” ,due to be released in 2008. After an extensive teaser campaign, that has reached it’s next high with release of the following poster and the above grafitti’ teaser…during the US premiere of “I am Legend“(actually a website and a film worth seeing as well )…


Warner Brothers have released the first full trailer for the Dark Knight and a featurette that was specifically produced as a tease for IMAX cinemas

“The Dark Knight” – Trailer

“The Dark Knight” – IMAX Featurette


“The Joker” also still has his own website: http://www.whysoserious.com/


I am really looking forward to what comes next….

Visit: www.thedarkknight.com & www.whysoserious.com

Japan: New ways of Out-Of-Home Advertising?*

23 11 2007


I’ve found this on Cherryflava.com. A few witty civil engineers have come up with what could be a new out-of-home advertising idea ;o)

A road that plays musical tunes…

Small grooves built into the road surface, positioned between 6 and 12mm apart, emit an audible sound when a car passes over them. The size of the gap between each groove affects the pitch of the sound so it’s possible to make out an entire song as long as there’s enough road ahead. For optimal results cars need to travel at just 28mph, which ensures that wind, engine and tire noise are at a minimum.

Here is the proof …

Source: Cherryflava.com

HP: Personal Again – “Hands” campaign*

1 10 2007


Most of you will be familiar with this campaign. Still I wanted to post it for I think it is a really cool creative concept.

For the launch of their newest line up of personal computers Hewlett Packard rolled out a camapign themed “The computer is personal again”. The key creative element of the campaign is showing the hands of different VIP users as they unfold all of the personal things that they do with their PC. Among the testimonials are Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Mark Cuban and Paulo Cohelo.

In 2006 the campaign started with featuring the following testimonials



Shaun White



Mark Cuban

Mark Burnett


In 2007 each testimonial was supported by is or her own minisite tied to the campaign (click the names)

Vera Wang


Paulo Cohelo

Petra Nemcova


The latest testimonial is Serena Williams, focusing on the launch of the new HP Slime line PCs.

When HP launched this latest addition to the campaign they also initiated a great out of home stunt at NYC’s time square.


HP also came up with some pretty cool co-promotion stunts such as the sponsorship of the 2007 release of “Shrek , The Third“. In this case Princess Fiona was featured as a testimonial in the campaign.

Another important part of the campaign is showing real life small scale business testimonials. This part of the campaign was launched with a great “2007 Super Bowl” ad featuring the guys from “Orange County Choppers“.

Making of:

Finally here is two interesting making of clips that explain a bit of the magic.


Shaun White – Making of




After having seen all of this I hope you agree that this is a truly cool campaign!


Visit: hp.com/personalagain