Headhoods.com: Straight from the Hood*

18 08 2009


Not really a campaign for something, but a great idea for a fashion line.

Headhoods.com sells hoodies with famous faces or characters on the hood. Great idea!

The pictures alone make a great campaign! 

Go to: Headhoods.com

(Source via: http://twitter.com/Stuart_Melrose)

NY Times: How iPhone and Wii Interface Design change our behaviour*

5 04 2008

Found this on the the Flytip Blog. The New York Times posted an article on how the Apple iPhone and the Nintendo Wii interface design have changed the way that we use mobile or electronic devices.

Read the full NY Times article here.

The Article references Piclens a free browser addon that instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for images on sites such as Google Images, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, deviantART and more. See a demonstration here:

“PicLens Demonstration” – 04:02 min

UK and US based research institute M:Metrics have just released the findings of a study they conducted since the launch of the iPhone 6 months ago that in essence shows that 85 percent of iPhone users browse the mobile Web abd that the  iPhone is top device for news and information accessed on mobile browser. Read the full release here.

It is going to interesting to see on how this trend progresses!

Visit: nytimes.com

(Source. Flytip.com)

Pulp Fiction: Typography Video*

8 03 2008

Some of you might already know this one, Roger a friend of mine send it to me and I felt it would be cool to post it.

Videodesigner Jarret Moody took a memorable sequence from everyone’s favorite

movie Pulp Fiction and turned it into a typography clip…really cool!

Pulp Fiction – Typography 0:57 min

…and here is a few more movie typography adaptations not by Jarret but stil worth seeing.

Devil’s Advocate – Typography 1:00 min

Ocean’s Eleven – Typography 1:06 min

Full Metal Jacket – Typography 0:42 min


Visit: jarrattmoody.com

Fiat 500: Time Capsule in the London Eye*

2 02 2008


As part of their launch campaign in the UK, FIAT UK have placed their award winning (Car of the Year 2008) FIAT 500 in one of the capsules of the London Eye. The car was placed inside the capsule at 8pm on Jan 21st, so 500 hrs. into the year. 

The evening was topped of by a concert of British singer MIKA.

This nicely fits to their overall 500 launch activities and adds another burst to the Fiat 500 story.  

Visit: FIAT500@FIAT.co.uk

(Source: thecoolhunter.com) 

Apple & Braun: Good Design is Timeless*

31 01 2008


Just found this post on Zusatzfunktion.de. Gizmodo has posted an interesting comparison of Apple’s latest product line-up and how the design is influenced by the timeless classics of Braun, designed by Dieter Rams.

I think the pictures speak for themselves:


My favorite is the comparison of the Iphone – Calculator with the Braun ET44 calculator ;o) 

Source: Gizmodo & Zusatzfunktion.de