Polaroid: The Poladroid Image Maker*

28 08 2009


Polaroid have announced that they will stop selling Polaroid films by end of this year. Which I personally think is really sad! But….we wouldn’t live in the digital age if there wasn’t an app to help all of us “old school” photo fans.

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 28 15.31

It’s called the  “The Poladroid Image Maker” .Download it and  simply drag and drop any of your images in the little camera. You can even shake the picture ;o)

Even Justin Timberlake is a fan ;o)

Check out: Poladroid.com

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Fiat 500: Time Capsule in the London Eye*

2 02 2008


As part of their launch campaign in the UK, FIAT UK have placed their award winning (Car of the Year 2008) FIAT 500 in one of the capsules of the London Eye. The car was placed inside the capsule at 8pm on Jan 21st, so 500 hrs. into the year. 

The evening was topped of by a concert of British singer MIKA.

This nicely fits to their overall 500 launch activities and adds another burst to the Fiat 500 story.  

Visit: FIAT500@FIAT.co.uk

(Source: thecoolhunter.com) 

HBO: The Voyeur Project*

6 01 2008


Here is an interesting cross-media project that HBO ran a few months back. If I understand it correctly it was to promote their on demand services.

The project is called HBO Voyeur. It basically builds on the old Hitchcock classic “Rear View Window“. The viewer is enabled to look behind the windows of a multistory urban building.

Here is a quick description of the project from the project related blog:

“…The HBO Voyeur Project is a collection of multi-media stories that HBO has built around the theme of voyeurism.

See what people do when they think no one is Watching

is the tagline that they have used to describe the experience that starts in the streets of New York City, behind the countless windows that we pass everyday. It comes together in a silent film that will be projected on the side of a building, and extends to the HBO channel, HBO on Demand, and online at HBOVoyeur.com. There are also “artifacts” of the characters everywhere, pieces of story which have been sprinkled around the web and in the real world to heighten the experience for those who like to get involved. However it is experienced in whichever medium, the point of the HBO Voyeur Project is to get the viewer to confront the uncomfortable question: “Do You Like To Watch?” ….”

As per this description one can see that we are truly talking about a cross media promotion concept which in addition to the TV programming  (HBO on Demand, HBO) included:  

Out of Home Tease


Online Promotion (hbovoyeur.com)


Blogging/Tease Activities: (thestorygetsdeeper.com)


Podcasts, Vodcasts, Music and other Media Downloads

Here is an assortment of the different clips, voyeur views and trailers aired during the promotion on the web, HBO and HBO on Demand: HBO Voyeur – Youtube – Quicklist

I don’t exactly know how well this promotion was received in the US, but from what I can see it’s a really interesting cross-media concept, that is different from what you generally see…definitly worth looking at and keeping in mind!

Visit:  hbovoyeur.com

(Source: http://www.joeytomatoes.com/)


hp: “What do you have to say?” – gwen stefani and jake burton*

21 12 2007


A few weeks back I had posted a campaign overview of some of the TV-ads produced for the HP “Personal campaign”.  With the launch of Dreamwork’s “Bee Movie” starrring Jerry Seinfeld. HP have added Seinfeld to the list of VIP Testimonials:

HP – Jerry Seinfeld – “Hands” TV ad

In addition to the TV-ad there is the special minisite which also features a “stand up comedy” promotion tied to stumbleupon.com.


To promote their Home & Office printing individualization products, HP  comissioned singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani and  designer Jake Burton as a testimonials.


The campaign themed: “What do you have to say?” displays the mutliple activities that Stefani and Burton are engaged in.

Similar to “Hands” the campaign introduces a new creative device: “the flying prints/photos/pictures” that seem to represent the many different thing that the testimonials have to say and express through their HP prints. 

The centerpieces are signature TV ads and dedicated websites that feature some individualizations promotional features.

HP – “What do you have to say?” – Gwen Stefani 

HP – “What do you have to say?” – Jake Burton


In addition to the TV ads – HP produced a set of features with Burton all of which are featured on his minisite. Here is an excerpt

 HP- What do you have to say?” – Building a brand – Jake Burton


Similar to Hands the campaign has a “consumer testimonial element” the ads of which you can yee on the coinciding YouTube channel.

Last but not least, here is an interesting interactive Out of Home installation that was done for HP, that plays with the flying visuals mechanism.

HP – Installation


I know that not everybody is in favor of these campaigns, but I truly like them. I like the creative mechanism and way that they have been fitted to the respective VIPs. I am looking forward to the next campaign…

 Visit: HP.com/whatdoyouhavetosay




Mercedes Benz/FLOADED.com: C-Class Station Wagon Launch Campaign*

7 12 2007


A few months back I posted an entry on the Mercedes Benz C-Class launch campaign . Mercedes is now following up this campaign with the launch of the C-Class Estate. Since Mid November Mercedes Benz have launched the coinciding launch campaign themed “Agility in Grand Style”.

Centerpiece of the campaign is the “The Opera – Race against the wind” TV ad.

TV Ad & Making of

Similar to the C-Class Sedan launch, Mercedes-Benz is activating the whole communications tool box including a totally revised online approach.

If you read through the press release about the campaign you will notice two interesting channels in the comms. mix.

The first one is uilding on a as it seems already succesfull sedan test drive program. Mercedes will go out and give customers the opportunity to test the vehicle. Not only in Germany but also had well known vacation spots. Here is the excerpt from the release:

“…There will be two types of driving events. The first will have Mercedes-Benz addressing existing and potential customers in various vacation regions, while the second type will feature presentations at selected upscale shopping centers and malls, highlighting the new station wagon’s attractive features, such as its spacious cargo area.

Between December 2007 and April 2008, vacationers at selected Robinson Club resorts will be able to enjoy an entirely new driving experience, for example, while guests at various vacation resorts in Fuerteventura and Turkey will be offered opportunities to drive the new C-Class station wagon in a relaxed atmosphere.

All driving presentation participants can look forward to enjoying the comfort, spaciousness, and agility of the new station wagon as they drive it along exciting routes in the regions where they are vacationing. Because the new Mercedes-Benz station wagon offers superior driving performance in ice and snow as well, the driving events will not be limited to warm, sunny vacation regions but will also take place in winter sport vacation spots such as Serfaus, Fiss Ladis, and Amadé (Austria).

Mercedes-Benz will also light up the holiday season in December 2007 and January 2008 with opportunities for spontaneous test drives for the public, which will be held at a number of upscale shopping centers and malls in Germany…”

The other communication tool is “FLOADED.com


The release says that: … “Loaded Film Entertainment (FLOADED)” is the new innovative advertising platform from teamWorx/UFA and Gruner + Jahr. The site shows short, high-quality brand-placement films and offers interactive features….”

FLOADED.com has also been offering an initial look at the new C-Class station wagon since mid-September. The Mercedes model and the SLR McLaren Roadster are two of the main “characters” in a short film titled “The Illusive”.

The Illusive – Trailer

Interestingly the film brings together a set of different brands from Mercedes Benz, to Canon and Gravis (the German distributor of Apple Hard & Software).

The concept of Floaded is, that you can click into the film while it is running and get interactive information about the product’s displayed. You can take the next step by accessing the respective brands website which then again features more clips derived from the original film and behind the scenes material.

Read more on FLOADED.com here (only in German)

The C-Class Station Wagon/T-Model is one of Mercedes’ key sales drivers, therefore it’s not unexpected that they would put a lot of money behind it’s launch. Still I am a bit uncertain how it all creatively fits together??

It’s going to be interesting to see if FLOADED will evolve.

Visit: Mercedes-Benz.com & Floaded.com