BMW US: Rampenfest – BMW 1-series Viral campaign*

27 06 2008

Now here is what I call a really funny viral campaign (maybe because I live in Germany ;o)….

Some of you might already know this one, but for those who don’t…for the introduction of the BMW 1-series in North America, BMW US have created a fully integrated viral campaign.

The story line is really funny. The little (fake) Bavarian town Oberpfaffelnbachen is building a 454 meter-high ramp that will launch the BMW 135i over the European landscape and across the Atlantic into the US. To have the world participate Jeff Schultz (fake) documentary filmmaker produced a 30 min film (

Here is the trailer…

Video: Rampenfest Trailer – 1:40 min

The campaign is integrated across a number of channels beginning with the official Rampenfest Film Website, the offical Oberpfaffelbachen town website that feat. the MISS RAMPENFEST Competition, Jeff Schultz’s Facebook site (with approx 800 friends) and his blog.

Also worth seeing are Jeff’s Youtube page and the Friendster page of Franz Brendl the Oberpfaffelbachen town’s council.

The offical Oberpfaffelbachen town website

Jeff Schultz’s Facebook site

Jeff’s Youtube page

Friendster page of Franz Brendl

This is really a great 360 Viral Campaign with a lot of really funny ideas!

Check out:



HUMMER UK: H3 The ultimate boy’s toy*

5 04 2008

Here is a really cool Guerilla PR Stunt. HUMMER UK have launched the first right hand drive version of the H3. To do so they created a giant – like no other – toy box and placed it infront of a TOYS R US store.

To further promote the all terrain functionality of the H3, Hummer UK decided to build a remote controlled version of the real car and have people test it for real…pretty cool!


Warnerbros: Batman “The Dark Knight” Theatrical Trailer*

20 12 2007


Finally we get to see more of the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” ,due to be released in 2008. After an extensive teaser campaign, that has reached it’s next high with release of the following poster and the above grafitti’ teaser…during the US premiere of “I am Legend“(actually a website and a film worth seeing as well )…


Warner Brothers have released the first full trailer for the Dark Knight and a featurette that was specifically produced as a tease for IMAX cinemas

“The Dark Knight” – Trailer

“The Dark Knight” – IMAX Featurette


“The Joker” also still has his own website:


I am really looking forward to what comes next….

Visit: &

CVV: Preventing Suicides*

5 08 2007


Here is a great social guerilla OOH campaign that I found on, for the Sao Paulo based CVV – Centro de Valorização da Vida. The CVV is a social organisation dedicated to help people to help themselves to prevent suicide.




(Source: “.com” Guerilla Promtion*

22 07 2007

Found this one on

It’s a guerilla promotion for the Indian based – domain registration service.

Not unique but really cool execution!