Warnerbros: “The Dark Knight” – New Theatrical Trailer*

6 05 2008

July 18th, 08 is the date for the release of “Batman: The Dark Knight”. Warner Bros. have just released the latest theatrical trailer, which also reveals Harvey Dents transformation to “2-Face”.

Can’t wait to see this one!!

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Warnerbros: Batman “The Dark Knight” Theatrical Trailer*

20 12 2007


Finally we get to see more of the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” ,due to be released in 2008. After an extensive teaser campaign, that has reached it’s next high with release of the following poster and the above grafitti’ teaser…during the US premiere of “I am Legend“(actually a website and a film worth seeing as well )…


Warner Brothers have released the first full trailer for the Dark Knight and a featurette that was specifically produced as a tease for IMAX cinemas

“The Dark Knight” – Trailer

“The Dark Knight” – IMAX Featurette


“The Joker” also still has his own website: http://www.whysoserious.com/


I am really looking forward to what comes next….

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Warnerbros: Batman – Return of the Dark Knight*

24 05 2007


The Catch-Up-Blog has posted an article on a pretty extensive and interesting teaser campaign for the 2008 release of Batman: Return of the Dark Knight. A definite must read!


UPDATE: Visit this related ocean of knowledge post which features the theatrical trailer…