Burger King US: P. Diddy “BK is open late” TV ad*

4 08 2008

P. Diddy keepin’ it real with the Whopper ;o)

Burger King announced that they will have more and more restaurants across the country that will stay open after midnight.

Here is the latest Burger King US TV ads for the “BK is open late ” promotion featuring P. Diddy produced by Crispin + Potter, Bogusky.

Video: P. Diddy & Burger King “BK is open late” – 0:30 min

Any questions ;o) ???

Check out: www.bkisopenlate.com

(Source: www.joeytomatoes.com)


Gatorade: Baseball Girl “Amazing Catch” Viral

25 06 2008

Here is a cool Gatorade Viral clip that has just been posted a few days back for all of the Baseball lovers out there….

Video: Gatorade: Amazing Baseball Catch Ballgirl -0:39 min

Kind of reminds me of the LeBron James Powerade Viral that came out a year or two back…

Video: Powerade: LeBron James hits full court shots-0:29 min

Did they really do it…we will never know ;o)

Interestingly the following shows that LeBron might actually be able to pull it off.

Video: LeBron James full court shot during practice -0:38 min



Fast Food Promotions: Big ‘n’ Juicy & Whopper Freak Out*

31 12 2007


Here are two really cool campaigns from our favorite fast food joints.

Mc Donalds Sweden: Big ‘n’ Juicy Promotion:

To promote their special “Big ‘n’ Juicy Burger Mc Donalds Sweden came up with a great out of home executions.

A poster frame that actually is a gigantic serviette dispenser


The coinciding print execution is also pretty funny. Similar to the dispenser idea the’ve inserted pages made from the original serviette material into the center spread of major daily newspapers.


(Source: adgoodness.com)

Burger King US: Whopper Freak Out

Burger King US have recently launched the “Whopper Freak Out” campaign. The basic purpose was to re-iterate the positioning of the Whopper as the ultimate US burger.

The creative is a pretty funny 30 sec TV ad and a 7 minute webspecial that capture the action in a Las Vegas Burger King restaurant, where customers where filmed while the staff explains to them that from this day on Burger King decided to discontinue the Whopper.

I really like the two guys infron of the store that comment that “Burger King without the Whopper should be called Burger Queen” ;o)

Burger King: “Whopper Freak Out – Webspecial”


Burger King ” Whopper Freak Out – TV Ad”

Check Out: Whopper Freak Out.com

(Source: 7daysawake.com)

Erbert & Gerbert’s: Human Flipbook.com*

3 10 2007


US based sandwich chain “Erbert & Gerbert’s” have come up with a great TV and online campaign to promote their stores. The creative centerpiece is a human flipbook. By using over 150 T-Shirts and applying the stop-motion-animation technic
they have created the following pretty cool TV ad:

…and here is how they’ve made it happen….

Nice little “analog” campaign!

Visit: www.humanflipbook.com 

(Source: adgoodness.com)

Carlsberg Beer: Mentos Viral*

18 07 2007

Building on the overly successful range of  “Coke + Mentos” Virals, here is the Carlsberg equivalent ;o)

Mentos: The Intern*

7 07 2007


This one is truly interactive Online Marketing. Mentos the mint company, have launched a website called mentosintern.com.

The site features a guy called Trevor who really is an intern at Mentos this summer.What makes this site so cool is the fact that you can interact with Trevor via email, phone or live chat.

And given the fact that he is an Intern, he does what ever you ask him to.

In addition the site features links to Trevor’s Youtube films, his Flickr page and Facebook. You can play Trevor on his Xbox 360 and he’s got his own Myspace Profile. To round up the Web 2.0 features Trevor naturally has a Blog.

First thing I’ll do next week is show this one to all of our Interns ;o)
Visit: mentosintern.com

(Source: Contagiousmagazine.com)

Cannes Cyberlions: First Look*

24 06 2007

As most or at least some of you out there I am currently scanning through the Cannes winners in the different categories. I’ve already posted one of the print winners with “Tide 2x” and there is more to come.

Just had a quick glance at the Cyberlions  and here is three sites that I really liked…



Synopsis: Gettheglass.com continues the fantastical story of the Adachis, a family suffering from ailments related to their lack of milk. On the site, viewers play a board game in which they help the Adachi family get a glass of hard to reach milk.




Synopsis: Together with the Lomographic Society, Absolute developed ABSOLUT LOMO. The first element was building a gallery in Stockholm and track that with a time laps camera.  ABSOLUT LOMO was then extended into a print campaign, dedicated to 6 Lomo artists. Finally users were encouraged to post their own Lomo shots interpreting the ABSOLUT Brand.

I personaly like this one for I am a big LOMO fan!

Finally digital work from a graphic designer from Singapore…

Jonathan Yuen – jonathanyuen.com (Bronze


Great way to promote your own work!!

Most probably you will see some more Cannes related stuff on ocean of knowledge in the next days..


P.S. Here is one more that at least made the cyber shortlist: www.thecmons.com .
Just sad that it didn’t win anything and didn’t make it in to the Titanium ;o)

Source: www.canneslions.com