Carhartt: Van Competition*

29 05 2007


Even though this one is a bit older, it’s still pretty cool!

In autumn 2006 Carhartt® introduced the paper model construction kit for a delivery van. You had the opportunity to customise this miniature carton van.

The response has been great – people sprayed, glued, ripped, and stapled like crazy. The little vans mutated into gangster cars, ice vans, transformers, and even a baked gingerbread vehicle. If you go the website you can see all the different vans that have been created across Europe!


Visit: Carhartt®

Nokia: N95*

27 05 2007


One of my favorite campaigns at the moment is from Nokia for their latest Nseries multimedia phone the new Nokia N95

The campaign themed “In your pocket” is a mix of an array of different communication tools and channels which are lead by a really well produced TV ad.

Nokia N95 “In your pocket”


The central hub for all N95 related promotions and information is he N95 microsite, which features a “in you pocket” video promotion.


Here’s an interesting Out of Home “Interactive Busshelter Billboard” promo from Nokia UK that I found on

N95 Touchscreen Promo


Finally N95 is also feat. on Nokia’s freshly launched Beta Version of their Nokia Experience website. Here users can access multimedia applications and content for their Nseries mobile phone. (Source:



Visit: Nseries – N95










London: Open Green Spaces Trafalgar*

27 05 2007


In an effort to promote London’s open green space movement, Cake, on May 24th, turfed the entire surface of London’s Trafalgar Square. Here is pics of the event in the related Facebook page here. And some “before” pictures here.

Here is the timelaps video:


Audi: New A5*

27 05 2007


Here is two TV ads for Audi’s new coupé the Audi A5.

Audi A5 “Kite”


Audi A5 “Rythm of lines”


Cicatriz: Online Store*

25 05 2007


 Cicatriz Clothing, has a new webshop site . The page is set up in a way that the products are displayed in “video-tiles”. If you click on one of the the video becomes bigger and allows the user to look at detials of the shirts. The interface allows, buying in one click and it updates in real time the number of available items, when you mouse over the size.

The video is also visible once you go view your shopping cart.