Adobe CS3: Interactive Billboard*

18 07 2007


For the launch of the 3rd release of their Creative Suite Adobe Software have come up with a great “Out of Home” promotional solution. It’s a 7×15 feet interactive billboard that was revealed on June 14th, 2007 outside the Virgin Megastore on NYC’s 14th street.

NYT writes:

“As pedestrians walk past the wall, infrared sensors will lock on to the person closest to the wall, who will then be able to control a projected slider button at the bottom of the wall.

As the selected pedestrian continues walking and moves the slider along, the wall will start displaying colorful animation and playing music, effects that will grow or recede at the pace that the person advances or retreats. When each selected pedestrian reaches the end of the wall, his or her design will be in full blossom, above the campaign’s message: “Creative license: take as much as you want.”






One response

29 07 2007
City of Helsinki: The interactive Wall* « ocean of knowledge*

[…] of Helsinki: The interactive Wall* A few days back I had posted an article on the Adobe CS3 OOH Interactive Billboard. Now I found this piece of interactive information tool. The city of Helsinki offer’s an […]

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