Saab: 9-3X – Changing Perspective TV ad*

26 08 2009

Saab’s back with a great ad for their new 9-3X crossover station wagon. This ad truly expresses the Saab Brand Spirit!

Video: Saab – 9-3x “Changing Perspectives” – 0:42 min

The song in the video is by Asha Ali.

Also check out the coinciding website. Featuring Saab’s head of design – Simon Padian and Xtreme Skier and member of the Saab Salomon Team Kaj Zackrisson

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 26 18.15

Finally the print ads ….


I like how the advertising expresses the product features of the car, but at the same time also gives you some brand flavor!

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MTV.DE: All Eyes On Alicia Keys*

12 10 2008

Here is a nice “Ad break”. In honor of Alicia Keys‘ new album and tour MTV Germany have put together a small series of clips with Alicia Keys and an a macho white rabbit themed “All eyes on“. They are kind of funny and if you like Alicia Keys, you will like the clips.

MTV: “All Eyes on Alicia Keys” – Clip 1

MTV:”All Eyes on Alicia Keys” – Clip 2

MTV:” All Eyes on Alicia Keys” – Clip 3

If you know Peter Fox (Seeed) you should check out his “All Eyes On” Clips too, they are pretty cool!!

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NBA Amazing: There can only be one campaign*

13 05 2008

As an extension to their NBA Amazing campaigns (Season/Playoffs) the NBA have now launched a full

fledged NBA 2008 Playoffs campaign themed “There can only be one!”. The ads use split screen as a basis and combines the faces of the respective signature players that are or will be competing against each other in the different heats of the playoffs.

Here is a few examples, I specifically like the “Hamilton/Iguodala”and the “Howard/Paul” ones.  

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Bryant/Boozer -0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – LeBron/Garnett-0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Hamilton/Iguodala-0:32 min

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Howard/Paul -0:32 min

In addition here is a clip that gives you a bit of behind the scenes…

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Making of – 01:42 min

Finally I’ve tried to pull all of them together in a You Tube Playlist that you can find here. Dunno if I got each and everyone ;o)

Pretty cool!


World of Warcraft: “Mr. T & Friends” campaign*

5 04 2008


This one is hilarious, Mr. T endorsing the latest version of the World of Warcraft computer game ;o)

World of Warcraft – “Mr. T”

…and I just found the following additional ads for US, Spain and France …really cool!

World of Warcraft “Verne Troyer” (US)

World of Warcraft “William Shatner” (US)

World of Warcraft “Jean-Claude van Damme” (FR)


My name is Jean-Claude Van Damme… and I am a mage.”
“Hand-to-hand combat for me: it’s over!”
“Now I can cast powerful spells!”
“Just try messing with me… I’ll turn you into a sheep.”
“A sheep!”
“…Because we all are a bit like sheep, you know…”
“I am Jean-Claude Van Damme, I am a mage.
“And you?”
“What’s your game?”

World of Warcraft “Willy Toledo” (ESP with eng sub)


Chevrolet: Volt Concept “Dog” TV Ad*

12 02 2008


In Detroit in 2006 GM presented the E-Flex electric propulsion technology in the Chevrolet Volt Concept. Since then they’ve been releasing communication around the technology, this concept and other concept vehicles (e.g. the Opel Flextreme).

The funniest piece of consumer driven comms that I have seen so far is the following TV ad:


Chevrolet Volt Concept – Dog [00:31]


I am still not sure wether this is real  ;o) 


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