22 08 2009


Usain Bolt is by now definitly the “face” of this years Athletics World Championship in Berlin, Germany. Before and after the runs (100m, 200m) he pleases the crowds with his dance moves, but most people are always waiting for his signature move…”The Bolt Arms”…

Beijing Olympics Athletics Mens 100M

PUMA took this move and built a great little campaign and merchandising piece aorund it. It focuses on the fact that Bolt can’t really spend his day without people asking him to show them the “Bolt Arms” , obviously that causes problems with everyday things…

Beginning of August Puma invited journos for a press conference…the rest is history… check out the films ;o)


Video: PUMA – Usain Bolt Press Conference – 2:00 min

Video: PUMA – Usain Bolt BOLT ARMS “Ice Cream” – 1:02 min

Video: PUMA – Usain Bolt BOLT ARMS “In de Club” – 0:57 min

The fans are crazed too ;o)


Video: PUMA – Usain Bolt BOLT ARMS “Fans” – 2:10 min

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Nike+: Addicted Campaign*

17 06 2007


End of April Nike launched a new campaign (Wieden + Kennedy) for their Apple/Nike combined running program: Nike+. The campaign kicked off with the “addicted” TV ad featuring the voice of Edward Norton. It’s a bit like the v/o elements that we remember from the movie Fight Club.


For the German people out there reading this blog, here is the German version of the ad with a voice over by Thomas D (at least it sounds like it) one of the lead singers of the German Hip Hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier


Now Nike has extended the campaign feat. “everyday” male & female runners from different European countries that claim “I am a runner”. The creatives builds on the initial tv ads.

Nike+ – “Not a runner”


Nike+ – “Sofia”


Nike+ – “Paula”


Nike+ – “Andrew”



I really like this one..maybe because I am a runner too ;o)

(Sources: Nike+.com & Boardsmag.com)