HBO: The Voyeur Project*

6 01 2008


Here is an interesting cross-media project that HBO ran a few months back. If I understand it correctly it was to promote their on demand services.

The project is called HBO Voyeur. It basically builds on the old Hitchcock classic “Rear View Window“. The viewer is enabled to look behind the windows of a multistory urban building.

Here is a quick description of the project from the project related blog:

“…The HBO Voyeur Project is a collection of multi-media stories that HBO has built around the theme of voyeurism.

See what people do when they think no one is Watching

is the tagline that they have used to describe the experience that starts in the streets of New York City, behind the countless windows that we pass everyday. It comes together in a silent film that will be projected on the side of a building, and extends to the HBO channel, HBO on Demand, and online at There are also “artifacts” of the characters everywhere, pieces of story which have been sprinkled around the web and in the real world to heighten the experience for those who like to get involved. However it is experienced in whichever medium, the point of the HBO Voyeur Project is to get the viewer to confront the uncomfortable question: “Do You Like To Watch?” ….”

As per this description one can see that we are truly talking about a cross media promotion concept which in addition to the TV programming  (HBO on Demand, HBO) included:  

Out of Home Tease


Online Promotion (


Blogging/Tease Activities: (


Podcasts, Vodcasts, Music and other Media Downloads

Here is an assortment of the different clips, voyeur views and trailers aired during the promotion on the web, HBO and HBO on Demand: HBO Voyeur – Youtube – Quicklist

I don’t exactly know how well this promotion was received in the US, but from what I can see it’s a really interesting cross-media concept, that is different from what you generally see…definitly worth looking at and keeping in mind!