McDonalds: LeBron vs. Howard – Jordan vs. Bird Remake*

26 03 2011

Similar to last years Pepsi re-make of the classic “Diner” TV-ad, McDonalds re-visited one of its classic NBA Basketball ads for the 2011 SuperBowl

In 1993 Michael Jordan and Larry Bird battled over the Big Mac in a hilarious “Shoot-Out”. The 2011 version features LeBron James and Dwight Howard in a dunking contest.

Video: “McDonalds – LeBron vs. Howard “Dunking Contest” 2011 – Duration: 01:30 min

The classic  MJ vs. Bird shoot-out is among my favourite TV ads so I am not quite sure whether I like the re-make…judge for yourself…

Video: “McDonalds – MJ vs. Bird “Shoot Out” 1993 – Duration: 01:01 min

Jordan and Bird created their own little re-make in 1994 featuring Charles Barkley

Video: “McDonalds – MJ vs. Bird feat. Barkley “Shoot-Out II” 1994 – Duration: 01:00 min

Gatorade: Baseball Girl “Amazing Catch” Viral

25 06 2008

Here is a cool Gatorade Viral clip that has just been posted a few days back for all of the Baseball lovers out there….

Video: Gatorade: Amazing Baseball Catch Ballgirl -0:39 min

Kind of reminds me of the LeBron James Powerade Viral that came out a year or two back…

Video: Powerade: LeBron James hits full court shots-0:29 min

Did they really do it…we will never know ;o)

Interestingly the following shows that LeBron might actually be able to pull it off.

Video: LeBron James full court shot during practice -0:38 min



NBA Amazing: There can only be one campaign*

13 05 2008

As an extension to their NBA Amazing campaigns (Season/Playoffs) the NBA have now launched a full

fledged NBA 2008 Playoffs campaign themed “There can only be one!”. The ads use split screen as a basis and combines the faces of the respective signature players that are or will be competing against each other in the different heats of the playoffs.

Here is a few examples, I specifically like the “Hamilton/Iguodala”and the “Howard/Paul” ones.  

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Bryant/Boozer -0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – LeBron/Garnett-0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Hamilton/Iguodala-0:32 min

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Howard/Paul -0:32 min

In addition here is a clip that gives you a bit of behind the scenes…

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Making of – 01:42 min

Finally I’ve tried to pull all of them together in a You Tube Playlist that you can find here. Dunno if I got each and everyone ;o)

Pretty cool!