NBA Amazing: There can only be one campaign*

13 05 2008

As an extension to their NBA Amazing campaigns (Season/Playoffs) the NBA have now launched a full

fledged NBA 2008 Playoffs campaign themed “There can only be one!”. The ads use split screen as a basis and combines the faces of the respective signature players that are or will be competing against each other in the different heats of the playoffs.

Here is a few examples, I specifically like the “Hamilton/Iguodala”and the “Howard/Paul” ones.  

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Bryant/Boozer -0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – LeBron/Garnett-0:32 min 

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Hamilton/Iguodala-0:32 min

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Howard/Paul -0:32 min

In addition here is a clip that gives you a bit of behind the scenes…

Video: NBA There can only be one  – Making of – 01:42 min

Finally I’ve tried to pull all of them together in a You Tube Playlist that you can find here. Dunno if I got each and everyone ;o)

Pretty cool!



Nike: “Fast Forward” TV ad*

6 05 2008

Nike (I think Asia) has launched a campaign to promote their line of Nike Training appareal.

The ads follows famous athletes as they follow their training routines.

Here is the official description from Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo:

“We follow the exploits of hoopster Kobe Bryant, tennis greats Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and track & field star Liu Xiang as well as boxer Manny Pacquiao, as they perfect their fine bodies to beat any opponent. As the calendar of days, weeks, and months scroll past, we see the determination dripping from our heroes’ brows. The final moments of their victories are revealed as each athlete basks in the glow of victory… not only from the win, but from the long, hard road it took to get there.”

Here is the tv ad:

Nike – “Fast Forward” – 1:01 min

Also check out the website, which features interviews with the different athletes on their individual training plans and steps.


Nike: Kobe Bryant “Aston Martin Jump” Viral*

13 04 2008

Here is a great viral from Nike featuring Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin ;o)