Cloverfield: New TV Ads*

30 12 2007


Here is a new array of Cloverfield teaser tv ads. Now it’s definitly time to see this movie ;o)

– still trying to sort out the playlist functionality –

The official Cloverfield websites features a 5 minute webspecia including an “exclusive preview promotion”.


The next best thing is actually seeing the movie on January 18th, hope it fullfills all of the pre-promotion.



Cloverfield_1-18-08: Teaser Campaign*

10 07 2007


Here’s a interesting Teaser campaign for J.J. Abrams (the man behind the TV show LOST) new movie “Cloverfield” (Working Title).

First of here is a link to the Quicktime HD (480P) Trailer.

There is several sites out there reporting about it and also specualating what the movie could be or is about.
Here is an CNN report that shows how big the confusion is about this film:

Finally there seems to be an array of online teaser sites that somehow link to this project.

First of is:


A site that bascially shows two pictures taken on the party that you can see in the trailers. You can not do more than move them around. Interestingly there seems to be people that believe that believe that the visual with the two faces is one face only

Then there is the following mysterious page:


A page where you need to solve somekind of weird puzzle (“Look at the stars for help!” or this page)

A blog related to Ethan Haas:


Finally which cumulates the links above and last but not least (most probably…) that features a post by Ethan Haas

Definitly a film and a campaign to look out for!

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