PIXAR: How Pixar Nurtures Creativity*

14 10 2008

In the September edition of the Harvard Business Review Ed Catmull, cofounder of Pixar and the president of Pixar and Disney Animation studios, talks about how Pixar leadership forsters what they call “Collective Creativity

This is definitly an article worth reading. You can find an exec summary here as well as a link to the coinciding audio cast here.

Catmull speaks/writes about creating the right “culture” or “enviroment” that encourages people to work as a team which can turn something that looks risky or even a mediocre idea into something really good. He says it’s more about good people and not so much about the “one” good idea and that it is vital in that process that everybody is heard and everybody can communicate with anyone, but that the expectation is as well taht everybody needs to stay connected to the progress and innovation happening around them.

At the end of the article there is a nice personal note from Catmull:

“…For 20 years, I pursued a dream of making the first computer-animated film. to be honest, after that goal was realized- when we finished Toy Story – I was a bit lost. But then I realized the most exciting thing I had ever done was to help create the unique environment that allowed that film to be made. …”

Enjoy the read!

And for all of you fellow PIXAR short film lovers out there here is a special treat… ;o)

Check out: PIXAR.com & HBR.com

(Source: HBR.com)




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