BMW: GINA Light Visionary Concept*

15 06 2008

A few days back BMW have revealed there new vision of a light weight car. The GINA Light Visionary Concept is dislayed at the new BMW Museum in Munich.

It is a two seater roadster concept where all of the sheet metal that you regularly find in production cars has been replaced with flexible, highly durable fabric material that stretches across the whole vehicle.

This fabric is controlled by electro-hydraulics and with that changes the outer skin design of the vehicle at a touch of a button. Wether it is the hood opening and revealing the engine or the way the headlamps are revealed when flicking on the headlight switch (looks a bit like a character from the PIXAR Movie “CARS”).

BMW have captured the details of the concepts in a number of short films produced for BMW-TV. Interestingly the style of these films remind me of the Studio Stories that GM have produced for their latest concept.

Video: BMW GINA Concept Teaser – 1:01 min

Video: BMW GINA Concept: Design – 3:20 min

Video: BMW GINA Concept: Premiere – 2:54 min

I really like the execution of the concept car…BMW have made sure that the effect comes through on some of the key vehicle features. Definitly more impressive than the M1 Anniversary Concept they presented a few weeks back.

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