Vodafone: Secondlife & InsideOut*

25 11 2007


It’s been pretty quite over the last few months with regards to SecondLife.

But beginning November, Vodafone have launched the Beta version of “InsideOut“. Inside Out is targeted at connecting the real world with the virtual world of SecondLife.

firefoxschnappschuss004.jpg From what I understand, InsideOut offers a virtual mobile handset (DUH)
for your Avatar that is connected to your real life mobile phone and vice versa.
With that it enables the consumer to place calls and send messages to other
SecondLife users in and outside the virtual space.

Due to a totally seperate “SecondLife phone number” your real life phone number is kept secret to ensure privacy.

Vodafone has created a specific set of tariff plan. Until the end of the beta test, (approx. November 30th) the DUH is available for free.

This is definitly a project to watch, for it explores breaking up the boundaries between the real and virtual space in a substantial kind of way…

Visit: secondlife.vodafone.com

(Source: Spiegel.de)




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