Blockbuster: Christmas Ad*

24 11 2007

Here is a great “Christmas” Ad for the Blockbuster Video Stores.

If you listen closely you will hear that all of the dialogues are taken from famous movies!

And here is the list (Thanks to Mike on Adgoodness!)

They’re here, They’re here. — Poltergeist
Say hello to my little friend. — Scarface
I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. — The Godfather
Pay the man his money. — Rounders
My precious. — Lord of the Rings
I’ll be back. — The Terminator
Stella. — A Streetcar Named Desire
Luke, I’m your father – Star Wars
You talking to me? — Taxi Driver
That’s a knife. — Crocodile Dundee
You’re gunna need a bigger boat. — Jaws
I’ll have what she’s having. — When Harry Met Sally

The mashed potatoes and grandma — Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Really cool!





One response

6 12 2007

alot of people miss this: the luke i am ur father part is also a reference to harry potter; the cupboard under the stairs

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