Mercedes Benz:New Alonso & Hamilton C-Class TV Ad*

22 07 2007


A few months back I had posted the outline of the Launch campaign for the new Mercedes Benz C-Class.

While watching today’s Formula 1 Race I saw the following new C-Class ad on TV. It plays on the competitive spirit between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and that is part of every race driver “Racing is a state of mind”.

Here is the ad + the “Making of”

Really nice ad, I really like the choice of music!




2 responses

31 07 2007

Music? What music? I like Hamilton’s choice of car when he pulls up to the lights .. but that’s just me. 😉

Really great is Mercedes’ heritage of the Hakkinen-humor!
Remember these? (my favorite!)

8 08 2007
Tony H.

The idea is an age-old scenario. For those of you who like racecar movies, although there hasn’t been a good one yet – they’re still trying, check out Days Of Thunder. There’s a scene with Tom Cruise and his competitor both in wheelchairs, racing down the hospital corridor.

See Grindhouse: Death Proof. The car chase scene in there is intense.

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