BP: Eco Gas-Station*

22 07 2007


BP USA have launched the “Green Curve Promotion”.

For one there is a website where one can define his own green curve through a “green questionnaire”.

The central element is a “eco gas station” that BP has set up in Los Angeles. Here is a brief description:

At the corner of Olympic and Robertson in Los Angeles, you’ll find a new kind of gas station. I

t isn’t like an ordinary gas station.We started with the typical, everyday station on that corner and renovated it in an eco-friendly way — a little greener in its design and materials and in its use of water and energy.

It’s not a prototype “station of the future.” It’s a station for today that’s a little better, a living lab where we can try out ideas for other stations and where people can find ideas they might want to bring into their own lives. It’s a kind of a conversation between BP and people who come into the station, a conversation about how we can both move up a notch on the greencurve.”

Really interesting project and great architectural design by Office dA.

Visit: thegreencurve.com

(Source: CoolHunting.com)




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