The Simpsons Movie: Harper’s Bazaar*

17 07 2007


As most of will have read there is a lot of tease activity going on for the upcoming Simpson’s Movie release on July 27th, 2007.

From the really cool minisite that features mini games, a Simpsons configurator (Create your own) and naturally movie trailers…

…to the 7/11 Promo in the US where they re-dressed the 7/11 markets to “Apuh’s KWIK-E Mart’s” inside out :o)


..and a Donut on the Statue of Liberty.

The best one yet is an editorial piece in the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

Together with Linda Evangelista


…the Simpsons take a trip to beautiful Paris and meet up with the most influental Fashion Designers & Brands of our time, ranging JP Gaultier Donna Versace Karl Lagerfeld to Victor & Rolf.

Here is a few examples from the magazine:

 chanel1.jpg   chanel3.jpg chanel-4.jpg


 jpg1.jpg   jpg3.jpg  jpg4.jpg

Jean-Paul Gaultier

 s320x320.jpg versace21.jpg versace3.jpg 


000f19ka.jpg vr2.jpg  vr4.jpg

Viktor & Rolf 

and you can find more one:

This is a great tease campaign extension! Hats off!




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