Cannes Cyberlions: First Look*

24 06 2007

As most or at least some of you out there I am currently scanning through the Cannes winners in the different categories. I’ve already posted one of the print winners with “Tide 2x” and there is more to come.

Just had a quick glance at the Cyberlions  and here is three sites that I really liked…



Synopsis: continues the fantastical story of the Adachis, a family suffering from ailments related to their lack of milk. On the site, viewers play a board game in which they help the Adachi family get a glass of hard to reach milk.




Synopsis: Together with the Lomographic Society, Absolute developed ABSOLUT LOMO. The first element was building a gallery in Stockholm and track that with a time laps camera.  ABSOLUT LOMO was then extended into a print campaign, dedicated to 6 Lomo artists. Finally users were encouraged to post their own Lomo shots interpreting the ABSOLUT Brand.

I personaly like this one for I am a big LOMO fan!

Finally digital work from a graphic designer from Singapore…

Jonathan Yuen – (Bronze


Great way to promote your own work!!

Most probably you will see some more Cannes related stuff on ocean of knowledge in the next days..


P.S. Here is one more that at least made the cyber shortlist: .
Just sad that it didn’t win anything and didn’t make it in to the Titanium ;o)





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