Chevrolet Captiva: UK “Scratch Car-d”*

20 06 2007

Here is a nice promotion idea from Chevrolet UK.

captiva.jpg – captiva2.jpg

For the launch of their new SUV, the Captiva, Chevrolet UK made use of the scratch card promotional mechanism.

Thousands of people lined up, grabbed a penny and rubbed away on the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’.  The unique SUV took two weeks to prepare and was completely covered in silver latex – the material found on lottery scratch cards.  Underneath were thousands of individual panels, with one revealing a symbol to win the vehicle.

The ‘Scratch Car-d’ was unveiled in London’s Covent Garden on a bed of 16,995 pennies to mark the launch of the new Chevrolet Captiva, the company’s first SUV for the UK market.

Chevrolet’s Les Turton commented: “It’s exciting and unique to unveil the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’ in the UK, giving the British public the chance to take part in the biggest scratch off in history.  You’ve been able to scratch to win a car before, but using a vehicle as an actual scratch card is certainly a first – and it could take 14 hours of scratching. Visit:




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