Nike+: Addicted Campaign*

17 06 2007


End of April Nike launched a new campaign (Wieden + Kennedy) for their Apple/Nike combined running program: Nike+. The campaign kicked off with the “addicted” TV ad featuring the voice of Edward Norton. It’s a bit like the v/o elements that we remember from the movie Fight Club.


For the German people out there reading this blog, here is the German version of the ad with a voice over by Thomas D (at least it sounds like it) one of the lead singers of the German Hip Hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier


Now Nike has extended the campaign feat. “everyday” male & female runners from different European countries that claim “I am a runner”. The creatives builds on the initial tv ads.

Nike+ – “Not a runner”


Nike+ – “Sofia”


Nike+ – “Paula”


Nike+ – “Andrew”



I really like this one..maybe because I am a runner too ;o)

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