Fiat 500: 500 wants your ad*

17 06 2007


Among the many competitions on the tease website (only 17 days until launch of the car), there is one that had people send in their proposals for a Fiat 500 Advertising campaign.

Two projects were choosen from 14 finalists by a professional jury out of over 3300 comms. concepts.

Some Do Come Back” by Igor Mladinovic the winner of the jury prize and “Tutta da scoprire” by Emanuela Picca was the project most voted for by the online community
The two finalists win 2 new Fiat 50s together with 2 stays in Cannes for the 2007 Advertising Festival – with full registration – not bad!
I specifically like the “Some Do Come Back” concept:


Many of the great ones who have changed the world are gone forever.
Some do come back!

Compare Fiat 500 with the great ones who have changed the world.
They all did a great thing but Fiat 500 is able to come back and change
the world again.

I must say, that this promotion is another good example of a credible and well thought through consumer-generated content promotion on the site.

“Hats off” to the Fiat Team!



P.S. Sh**t! Just realized that they ran a “Be one of the first 500 people to get a Fiat500” promotion on the site… and I didn’t enter ;o)




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