London 2012: The Logo*

10 06 2007

On June 4th, the London Olympic Comitee has unveiled the “London 2012” Event Logo.

The logo was created by Wolff Olins for a price of 400.000 GBP and is baed around the concept of “Everyone’s Games” representing the four brand pillars of access, participation, stimulation and inspiration using the date 2012.

As one can imagine the reactions are ranging from positive to really negative. Here is a link to BBC-Onlines article on the reveal as well as their “Comments” section, where they asked people to comment on the logo…not all of them positive ;o)

There is a whole petition around changing the logo ASAP as well which gathered almost 50.000 signatures in 2 days:

To make it a bit more tangible to all of us the comittee has posted several small clips on their site to explain the logo. The one I have feat. here is was pulled of the site after one day for it seemed to have caused epileptic fits:

Wether one likes or dislikes the logo, you have to acknowledge the fact that it has caused a lot of media attention…and isn’t it that what it’s all about?


(Sources: & BBC-Online)




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