Honda UK: Hondamentalism*

19 05 2007


The latest Honda TV spot from Wieden & Kennedy London premiered on Monday May 7th, 2007 and will push Honda’s recently-launched hatchback, the Civic Type R, through the engineering mantra of Hondamentalism.

The sixty-second spot opens with a long road. At the far end of the road we see several bright lights, and at the near end we see seven engineers. The voice of American author and comedian Garrison Keillor, familiar from previous Honda ads, comes in, saying: “An engineer once said, to build something great is like swimming in honey.”

The Honda engineers set off on the long road towards the bright lights. As their journey progresses a strong wind begins to blow and becomes more intense as they continue, knocking them over and spreading debris.

They reach the lights and the Honda badge appears, a logo only carried on racing cars and Type R production vehicles. Honda explains that by working together and challenging their absolute fullest potential the scientists have reached Hondamentalism.

Ian Armstrong, customer communications manager of Honda UK, said: “Racing is in Honda’s DNA. It always has been. Excellence in racing is achieved by going that extra mile — squeezing every last drop of effort in order to be the absolute best. That’s what Hondamentalism is, and that’s what the RedH badge embodies. Putting that badge on the bonnet of the new Type R says it all when it comes to how this racing spirit is reflected in the products we sell.”

“Hondamentalism” is the first creative in an integrated campaign across several channels. A series of print advertisements will launch next week featuring a range of Hondamentalists, in order to demonstrate the depth of Honda’s racing and engineering heritage.

Tony Davidson, creative director at W&K, said: “Honda’s Red H badge is only bestowed on vehicles worthy of the race track. Internally it is an honour to be asked to work on one of these projects. No other company is as committed to research and development. No other company has such passionate engineers. No other company would dare to make a campaign like this.”

The campaign website also launched on May 7th. Developed by W&K and Midas Collective, it allows users to take a challenge to explore the concept further and find out if they are a Hondamentalist. The site also features all the content from, along with a new 360-degree colour changer.



P.S. Check out the Honda campaign profile in the “our work” section on the W+K Site.




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