Mobile Communication 2.0*

5 05 2007


Here is some interesting links from an article on “Mobile 2.0” applications and sites on

The article focusses on the fact that through 3G penetration growing bigger and bigger,

social networking and other Web 2.0 typical applications are now going mobile.

Social Networking on your mobile

Dodgeball [] launched last year and was immediately taken over by up by Google.
It’s now up and running in 22 cities in the USA and allows you to connect to your network in the real
world, ‘facilitating serendipity’. The service lets you know when anyone in your extended network is
in your area, so you can meet up.


Socialight is a new community’ with the ability to create, share and discover virtual
‘Sticky Notes’ at specific locations using your phone or the web.


Twitter, is an even more simple service. It allows you answer the question ‘What are you doing now?’
from your phone and have the info displayed to your Twitter community. A recent mash-up allows
you to plot the updates on to a map. allows you to broadcast your thoughts to strangers around you –
the company is installing digital screens in social locations that will display text messages sent to it.


A nice timepass can be found @ Arcade Reality, currently only available for the Palm Treo,
uses the phone’s camera to make space invaders much more interesting. The aliens appear in
the real world – game objects are overlaid on the live camera view – turning the world around
you into your game space.


More Information on: &






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