BMW: P.A.C.E Online Game*

18 04 2007


BMW just launched a fully flash based Online Game called P.A.C.E. – Pursuit Across Europe.  

Here is a short description from the artificalduck website, the agency in charge:

The pursuit through Europe (Lisbon – Paris – Berlin –Prague) takes place in a
somehow kind of surreal but friendly parallel world. 
The special kind of aesthetic of black and white water colour paintings, montaged and mapped onto 3D elements homogenises the mixture of film sequences and game animations.

The result is a PACE world, strange and familiar at the same time and somehow
like a cockaigne as it pairs up the finest illustrations with most advanced flash programming technique.

Most distinct in this sense seems the wonderful old garage in which the user can upgrade his vehicle with the finest of BMW innovations. The elements of this game, even the specially composed sound, all transport one message: this isn’t a game, it is one of the most beautiful movies you`ve ever seen and – by the way – you are acting the leading part.BMW’s lead agency Interone Worldwide also deserves credits for having the vision to pull off such an ambitious project. Thanks also to Electric Umbrella,
who have done the 3D Production.
To give you a first impression here is three trailers showing some of the gaming action:


Level one of P.A.C.E. – Pursuit Across Europe is free to everybody for additional

levels the user needs to register.


(Sources:  &




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