KFC: Boneless Variety Bucket & Mosquitos*

13 04 2007


Kentucky Fried Chicken have just launched a promotion to promote their new Boneless Variety Bucket*

Weird mechanism for a promotion ;o)

Here is the official promotional text:

KFC asks Americans to perk up their ears during the new Boneless Variety Bucket™ ad and be among the first to try the new meal. 

On April 11, we’re calling on families to gather around the dining room table and TV to guess where the embedded sound is placed in the new KFC television advertisement to introduce the Boneless Variety Bucket. The MosquitoTone™, the sound embedded in the new ad, is a high frequency tone that can’t be detected by everyone, so perk up your ears! The first 1,000 people who can guess where the MosquitoTone™ is embedded in the new ad will win $10 inKFC gift checks which may be used toward the purchase of the new Boneless Variety Bucket at participating KFC restaurants. The special offer kicks off April 11, 2007 when the Boneless Variety Bucket ad debuts nationally.

About the MosquitoTone™
The Mosquito Device was originally invented by Howard Stapleton of Compound Security Systems and is now a popular ringtone among teenagers using a 17.6 kHz constant buzzing sound. Around age 20, people begin to lose the ability to hear tones in the highest frequency and most people over the age of 30 cannot hear the tone.

Visit: http://www.kfc.com/boneless/ & http://www.kfc.com/boneless/pr.asp




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