IKEA: Operazione Gemellagio*

4 04 2007


To support the opening of their new IKEA store in Milan, IKEA Italy has launched a site called “Operazione Gemellaggio” (which translates into something like “Operation Twinning”). The idea is that the 18 years old store located Carugate now has a “twin” in Corsico, and to celebrate the event they’ve launched a competition based around user generated content.

Users are invited to upload their photo and match it with their favourite Ikea’s product. A very simple concept that is generating a lot of interest and over 1000 submission is just a few days. Those who participate can win Ikea’s vouchers and will see their photo in the Milano’s stores.

Visit: http://www.operazionegemellaggio.it

(Source: Adverblog.com)




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