Rock Stargames: GTA IV*

30 03 2007


According to Janco Partners analyst Mike Mickey, a financial
consultant for Take-Two Interactive Software, around 150 game
developers are working on Grand Theft Auto IV. The analyst also found
that Rockstar Games is “fully capable of ushering in an entertainment
experience categorically superior to the prior cycle’s GTA
product.” This is compared to about 130 non-voice actors and non-
motion-capture actors listed in the credits for 2002s Grand Theft
Auto: Vice City. As seen in the first trailer, the setting of the new
Grand Theft Auto game would undoubtedly be Liberty City. If
confirmed, this would be the fifth time that the series would use
Liberty City as a setting.

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV was released on March 29,
2007 at 23:00 UTC. At the time the trailer was released, Rockstar’s
servers for the trailer’s official website became almost immediately
overloaded. The trailer is about 1:03 in length, and it reveals that
the game takes place (at least partially) in Liberty City, a
fictionalised New York City, and an immigrant with a heavy Russian
accent, who appears to be the main character. The character has a
brief monologue: “Life is complicated; I killed people, smuggled
people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different.” Then
the trailer ends with the “IV” logo.

The trailer features many familiar New York City landmarks, including
a location resembling Times Square and the “GetaLife Building,” a
parody of the MetLife Building. All of the cars and buildings seem to
indicate a present-day setting. The trailer uses a similar cinematic
style to Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 documentary film Koyaanisqatsi as it
used Philip Glass’s original music from the film (a section of the
track “Pruitt-Igoe”) as well as emulated time-lapsed filming.





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