Time Out: The Other Side*

28 03 2007


With the Other Side, a new generation of immersive travel guide is upon us. Deaf Dumb & Blind Communications, a new progressive and multi-faceted entertainment company, teams up with internationally recognized travel guidebook and weekly magazine publisher Time Out to produce a series called The Other Side — an CD/DVD experience that submerses its listeners/viewers entirely below the city’s surface.

Each volume of The Other Side boasts two key elements: a mixed CD compiled by a native audio pioneer and a DVD guide that acts as a visual handbook for both the seasoned traveler and armchair adventurer alike. While some travel guides aim to be comprehensive, The Other Side isn’t concerned. It simply wants its user to enjoy and discover the very best and coolest in sight and sounds. It whispers in the user’s ear advice on where to go and what to see — and it does it with unprecedented style and flair.

Current Releases include:

2007 releases:

  • The Other Side of Berlin – Ellen Allien
  • The Other Side of Los Angeles – Madlib

Visit: www.timeout.com

Visit: http://www.deafdumbandblind.net/ & http://www.myspace.com/ddandb 

(Source: www.flytip.com & www.energylab.de)




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