Dynamite Surfing with Quiksilver

7 03 2007

Quiksilvers new viral clip, “Dynamite Surfing“ currently is one of the most popular commericaly produced viral clips online. The campaign, developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Copenhagen, is based on the “orginal thinking” brand concept. The challenge was to make the “Nordics” target aware of Quiksilver not only being a surfing brand but also positioning it as a lifystyle and streetware brand for unconventional people.Phase one of the seeding was targeted at opinion leaders in the surf culture before going mainstream.

With more than 9 million views in three weeks across the globe (100.000 in the surfing nation Australia) and about 1 million views to date in targeted markets like Germany and the UK and 300.000 views in smaller markets like Denmark the campaign shows that even though the surfing/skateboarding community is relatively small, it’s cultural connections are strong and it’s able to influence other broader global target groups with a “real” viral campaign like “Dynamite Surfing”.




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24 05 2007
Sprite Zero: Kite Surfer* « ocean of knowledge*

[…] Zero: Kite Surfer* 24 05 2007 Along the lines of the Quicksilver Surfer Viral, Sprite have produced a similar piece of viral communication for their Sprite Zero […]

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