adidas – The new “Impossible is nothing” campaign

7 03 2007


Today adidas presents the evolution of its brand thought Impossible is Nothing with a

campaign that encourages everyone to take their first step in reaching their impossible.

Through stories of real people attempting and achieving what once seemed like impossible goals, adidas hopes to inspire people to think about their own obstacles and how to overcome them. The campaign will launch with a globally integrated execution on television/on-line, retail and print on Tuesday March 6, 2007.

More than 30 international sports stars and everyday athletes tell their ‘Impossible’ stories

using their own hand-drawn illustrations and paintings. Each athlete chose a defining moment in

their life and then illustrated it through images and words which would later be combined to create the campaign. 

“With this campaign we get a glimpse of the athletes not at the finish line, but rather at a pivotal point in their journey,” explained Eric Liedtke, Senior Vice President Global Brand Marketing, adidas Brand.

The Campaign has gone live in the U.S. online March 5th, starting with a multi-media program that showcases the content collected from around the globe; including 21 TV commercials, 15 documentaries, 1 long-format film, behind the scenes footage and exclusive digital content. The roll out will include social networking, mobile, instant messaging, branded trailers, promotions, prizes and other elements that invite consumers to interact with the brand and encourage them to take the first step in their personal impossible journey. The TV will launch in the US on March 14th, featuring Kathryn Smolen, Gilbert Arenas and Allyson Felix ; an everyday average runner telling her story next to an NBA All Star and Olympic Medalist, showing consumers that their obstacles are just as achievable and important as elite athletes.

In April, a custom MySpace profile will provide consumers a venue to tell their impossible story, potentially have their story featured on the adidas Impossible Is Nothing site next to their favorite athletes and download exclusive content, including inspirational mobile phone messages from Gilbert Arenas and other athletes. The artwork created by the athletes will also be featured in a traveling exhibition later in the year.

The unique advertising content was created by inviting the athletes to spend time in an art studio with a toy box of art supplies and allowing them to bring their story to life in their own way. This created a wealth of material which consumers will see in commercial films, posters, books, documentaries, exhibitions and even clothing designs. In film, print, digital, and retail content, the athletes’ real-life experiences come to life through animated films and static images created by the athletes themselves. The results are deeply personal, edgy and refreshingly honest.

Highlights from the new campaign include David Beckham telling how he braved death threats from fans after the 1998 FIFA World Cup(TM). US basketball star Gilbert Arenas explains the reason he plays wearing the number 0 on his shirt. All Blacks rugby legend Jonah Lomu talks about the challenges he faced when told of the possibility of spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

The concept, created and executed by adidas’ global advertising partner 180 Amsterdam (180/TBWA) is the latest in a long line of successful collaborations between the two in recent years. From the original ‘Impossible is Nothing’ launch campaign in 2004 which was built around Muhammad Ali, to the memorable meeting of English ‘kicking gods’ David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson and, most recently, the award-winning football World Cup campaign +10.

Visit: (US site)
Visit: (German site incl. the Beckham film)




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25 04 2007

Thank You

12 05 2007
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20 04 2008

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